Best Shoelaces Styles 2022

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Someone once told me, “if you fall once, get up. If you fall twice, also get up. But if you fall for the third time, then tie your shoelaces.” And this got me thinking ever since about how important it is to always have our shoelaces well tied. With that in mind, I decided to put up a blog on the best shoelace designs for you who are reading it. I hope you enjoy it.

1. Straight Bar Shoelaces

Straight Bar shoelaces
Straight Bar Laces

Bar Lacing is one of the oldest shoelace designs out there to ever exist. And why is this so? Well, it’s a simple way to tie shoelaces. Even when in a hurry, you can quickly set up your shoes with no complications. Also, the design is appealing and beautiful, especially rubber shoes. For those with Vans, you already know what lace style to go for now!

2. Diamond Laces

Diamond Shoelaces
Diamond Laces

Just as the name itself suggests, diamond lacing is all about forming a diamond design with your laces. The design is a little bit difficult to follow through however, once you get the trick, you’ll be good to go. Perfectly fits flat shoes such as rubbers. Moreso, the Vans edition.

3. Loopback laces

Loop back shoelaces
Loopback laces

Loops are intertwined sections. And loop back lacing is all about this. Forming those cute little joined sections. It’s one of the easiest of them all when it comes to shoe lacing designs. Try it out, guys. And remember to leave a comment down below on your opinion concerning these styles.


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