Best rivaj Products For Make-up:


I love make-up, do you?

Make-up is a part of fashion now it’s become a vital part of our everyday lives and also a necessity in fashion industry. We do makeup for our everyday glowing skin. There are many looks like bridal makeup for a wedding look, smokey makeup for a party look, simple makeup for a regular glowing look, and many more. Many popular fashion brands have started to launch new and different makeup collections to attract new customers.

Makeup In Fashion Industry :

The fashion industry is all about glamour and beauty. Almost all the famous trends start from here. People are following these latest trends by investing a lot in designing accessories and a lot. Makeup is a strong tool used by both genders all around the world to look attractive and feel confident. Makeup can change your whole look and make you look more presentable.

My favorite products :

I love to do makeup well I’m using the products of many popular brands but I love rivaj products. I was a fan of Rivaj from my school days and I still love their products. Their products are outstanding with an amazing texture and also a rapidly growing makeup brand in Pakistan.

Rivaj Makeup Highlighter :

I love this high-definition highlighter I have been using it and m totally obsessed with this it looks very amazing. I love all the shades of this Platte which are very pretty and pigmented. It has beautiful shades of shimmer as well.

Rivaj Aloe Vera

Rivaj aloe vera gel :

I bought this aloe vera gel from rivaj and this is absolutely amazing it’s good for healthy fresh skin.

Rivaj eye and lip liner

Rivaj eye and lip liner :

Their eye and lip liners are satisfactory. I got this one recently and now m in love with it you guys should try it.


. It’s long-lasting

. The shade range is wide

. The formula is super creamy

. It gives a matte finish

. It doesn’t look cracky on lips after hours


Rivaj lipstick

Rivaj lipstick :

This lipstick I got from rivaj is one of the purest red shades and has a smooth formula. It stays very long and is perfect for your everyday glamorous makeup

Rivaj blush

Rivaj blush :

This is an amazing blush and it blends perfectly on the skin and good for long-lasting wear. It’s versatile for everyday looks you can easily carry it in your bag and it looks natural on your cheeks. I love this product.

Rivaj sunblock

Rivaj sunblock :

This sunblock is incredible it’s a unique complexion perfector. It also prevents dark circles. Well, it blocks harmful UV rays to an extent. Rivaj sunblocks are effective and affordable as well.


Charcoal olive mask :

I have this charcoal olive mask I bought from rivaj and believe me this mask is amazing. I have been using this mask and the results were amazing it purifies deep down to the skin and it’s for all types of skin just go for this one you will be amazed by the outcomes.

Hopefully, you like it.

Lots of ❤️

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By Saadia

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