Best Open Shoes 2022!

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We all love open shoes, don’t we? I do believe we all do. Open shoes are amazing. They come with more merits than demerits. With this in place, more people around the globe tend to prefer them to other types of shoes. Personally, I have countless pairs of open shoes. From slides, all the way to slippers, I can’t even give an exact number of these pairs of shoes just lying around on my shoe rack. In my blog post, however, I will be looking at the very best open shoes for ladies. Consider this post as your shopping guide ladies. I hope you all enjoy this post.

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One cool open-shoe design for you ladies is this Yeezy slide. Yeezys are new on the market. Have been in existence for a short period of time. However, the majority of people all over the world just can’t help but break the bank to buy it. First of all, the shoe is simple in design but very elegant and gorgeous. Also, it comes with thick raised soles which grant you huge comfort levels when on your feet. I know you won’t believe me in this but the side only goes for 15 USD in most localities. This is quite really cheap and affordable to most people I bet.

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Another great open shoe design is nonother than this slide as well. Has a relatively flat sole. A sole type that allows your feet to rest easily both when walking or just chilled somewhere. It also comes in different colors. Ranging from yellow to blue and many other color designs that you can think of. Speaking of price, you will be amazed. Why? This is because, with as low as 12 USD, you might as well walk home from the marketplace with this elegant pair of shoes.

Where to make a purchase of these shoes!

Online reliable platforms are the ones listed below:,, as well as A local physical shoe store is a great option as well for you ladies. Remember, though, that prices vary greatly. This is due to numerous factors.

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