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We all love makeup don’t we of course that’s why we are here, but sometimes using a lot of makeup can damage your skin as the chemicals inside the products can be harsh. I know right, it’s a tough decision. We all want to use makeup without the worry of harming our skin .So what can be done now?


Well what about using products that are made up of natural ingredients! Yess there are so many products in the makeup world that are made up of ayurvedic ingriedients and yet make you look as flawless and pretty as any good quality makeup product would. So lets take a look at some of the best ayurvedic products out there in the market.


So lets start of from the very base. Primer is the product that we use as the first thing in our makeup routine and is the product that you should never miss as primer not only make a smooth base for your makeup but also acts as a protective layer between your skin and the makeup so that no harmful chemicals from the other products enter your skin.
So it is very important to choose a good primer according to your skin type.
The biotique natural makeup diva skin perfect primer gives you a flawless base for your makeup, and it contain mineral color pigments to enhance your overall look. It also suits all skin types.

2. Ecostay Intensive serum Foundation

Foundation is applied to your face to make your skin tone look even, to create a uniform complexion and to even cover flaws such as acne, etc.
Foundation as the name suggest is the building base of our makeup.
The lotus Ecostay ntensive serum foundation is a invisible skin of foundation that blends right into your skin to give you that no-makeup makeup look. It is a nourishing, weightless, age-defying formula.

3.Biotique Natural Makeup Diva Secret cover care concealer

Concealer is just like foundation but a little thicker to provide more coverage on some problem areas on your face. It also helps to hide dark circle, blemishes, etc.
Concealer should always be applied on top of foundation so that it doesn’t smudge and blends easily without leaving any harsh lines.
The biotique natural makeup diva secret care concealer is made up of organic ingredients, which makes you feel radiant. It is skincare infused, hence help nourish your skin .It is long lasting and lasts throughout the day.

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4.Gokul Sandalwood Face powder

As the name suggest, a setting powder is used to setting powder is used to set your base makeup ,i.e, your foundation and concealer so that it keeps the makeup locked in for long time and also helps to brighten your skin.
Setting powder can absorb the extra oil on your face and hence helps your makeup last long.
The Gokul sandalwood face powder is made up of organic ingredients such as Sandalwood, saffron, rose extract, sandal oil and natural minerals. It also has natural sandalwood fragrance to lift up your mood. It gives you a smooth and glowing finish.

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5.The Ayurveda and co. Peach nude pink cheek tint with shea butter and Vitamin E

Blush is used to add a flush of colour to your face ,hence ,giving your face a playful ad young look. It can make your complexion look healthier and energetic.
The TAC peach nude cheek tint is infused with cocoa butter and shea butter and adds a natural color to your cheeks. It can also be used on your lips as a organic lip tint .It lasts long and doesn’t need regular touchups.

6. Biotique Natural Makeup Stardust Starry Night Eyeshadow 

Eyeshadow is used on your eye lids to make your eyes look more attractive and make your look more colorful and interesting. If used correctly can add depth and dimension to your eyes.
The biotique stardust eye color pallete is skin care infused, made up of natural ingredients and color pigments that help you nourish your skin and add depth and dimension to your eyes.
It can also be used on sensitive skin as it is made up of organic substances.

7. SoulTree Ayurvedic Mascara

Mascara is used to make your eyes more attractive as it lenghten, thichen, darken, and intensify your eyelashes and make them appear longer and healthier.
The ayurvedic mascara from SoulTree lenghtens and nourishes your eyelashes making them appear longer, thicker and healthier. It is infused with caster oil, black seed oil and organic tea. It promote the growth of your lashes.

8. Herb Enriched Lipstick

Lipsticks are used on your lips to make them appear bolder and more colorful and it attracts attention to your lips. It also adds color to your face making it look healthier and young.
It highlights your lips to make your look bolder and attractive.
The herb enriched lipsticks are infused with Vata pacifying herbs such as Indian Kuduz, Satavari, Bhrami, Guduchi, Bala and many more.It is free from parabens, Silicones and synthetic film formers.

That are all the products that I have for you today. Always remember it is always okay to use makeup but nothing can replace your natural beauty. You are perfect the way you are.

Thank you for reading.

Blog by Priya Gover. 

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