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When it comes to polishing your at-home manicures, a little practice goes a long way and having a collection of the best nail polish shades will help you achieve the kind of next-level outcomes you’re used to getting when you leave the salon. Everybody has a go-to hue, whether it’s a classic red, a brooding navy, or a light, dreamy pastel that keeps appearing on your feed.

Best Year-Round Wear: J. Hannah

Although I adore the design of such J. Hanna nail polish jars, I actually prefer the colors. Since the collection’s colors are so adaptable, I can wear the deep navy, in particular, all year long because it complements my skin tone so well. 


Best Nail Polish: Le Manoir

Jelly nail polish is really nothing new, however, the majority of the time I see them they have purple or pink undertones that don’t suit my skin tone well. But what about this orange-yellow marigold? It appears quite juicy to my touch. Really, it does resemble a mango ice pop. I adore it on hot days since it emits a lovely glow whenever the sun shines on it, but I want to layer an opaque color below to extend its wear into the fall. Shelly Shipin

Best Neon: Petrova

I never hesitate to paint my nails with color. To me, the more brightness, the better. Punchy neon is usually my go-to throughout the hot months, and PearNova handles bold better than anyone. The polishes are easy to DIY yourself and the finest nail polish color for feet because they offer excellent coverage and color pay-off. The lengthy brush, however, which flawlessly fits the contours of my nail beds, is definitely the nicest feature. All famous nail colors are made by the brand if you desire something more subdued.


Best Luxury: Gucci 

After nearly three years of contemplation, Gucci has finally produced the green suit Lana Del Rey dresses in this brand’s advertisement in a price range I can truly afford. The color looks very nice and fresh on my nail, and it gives me a somewhat artsier feeling than my typical red, so it is worth the wait. The extended handle is not only attractive but also makes a DIY manicure a snap. The polish on its own is sparkly and smooth.

Our mental health improves when we wear nail polish. Our nails may lengthen and get stronger with its aid. For many self-care routines, it has evolved into a necessary phase. Additionally, you can wear nail polish with comfort because of recent advancements in nail technology.

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