Best Mountain Climbing Outfit Ideas

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How fun would it be climbing a mountain and when you reach the top you can see a beautiful view that will take your breath away. And you can put a tent and chill in the of the mountain and watch the beauty of the sunset and sunrise. I never tried mountain climbing yet, but if ever I think these are the outfits that I will probably wear.

Legging For Mountain Climbing Style


I’m a legging girl. I love wearing leggings with my sneaker because it’s very comfortable and I can move easily that is why I put them as number one on mountain climbing outfit ideas. You can use a sports bra or maybe a comfy tank top to look stylish. Just add some hiking sweatshirts to protect your skin from insects while hiking or climbing the mountain and don’t forget to bring an elbow and knee pad. It’s better to be safe than sorry.  Also wear a good pair of shoes. I recommend a boot or good climbing shoes because I know some of the mountains are rocky and hard to climb.

Biker Shorts For Mountain Climbing Style


Climbing a mountain is fun but I know it’s not easy and it’s very tiring. That is why outfits for mountain climbing is very important and they should be comfortable aside from legging, biking short is the most comfortable for mountain climbing. You can pair them with a t-shirt or a sweatshirt and don’ forget to wear climbing shoes. I don’t really suggest for you wear biking shorts and denim shorts or whatever shorts you have in your closet because mountains have different insects and animals we don’t know about. Just to be sure, wear something that will cover up and protect your skin.

Layer On Layer For Mountain Climbing Style


If you are planning to climb or hike the mountain in winter, I think Layer on Layer style for mountain climbing is for you. Make sure to bring a hat to keep your head warm. The trick here is you should choose an outfit that will make you feel comfortable and easy to take off when you feel hot. Bring a glove as well and a scarf to keep you warm.

In Conclusion

Mountain climbing is one the most famous adventures people would love to try and I think mountaineers should also be attentive and wise especially if it is their first time climbing a mountain. Bringing essential things for mountain climbing is very important as well such as; extra clothes, underwear, socks, jackets, shoes, food, medicine, and water. Make sure to check the weather too for safety purposes.

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By Belle Willow 

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