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Of course, certain high heels are more in style than others according to the year, season, and history. Since ancient times, other types of heels have proven fashionable! Some have evolved into masterpieces that every woman ought to acquire. High heels have a lot of attraction, despite the fact that women have been cautioned about the possible risks (sprains, foot difficulties, and back problems, to name a few). 

Block High Heels

Block heels, also known as chunky heels, get their name from the reality that they are not thinly shaped (for more information on that, check the stiletto section below). A thick slab with a bigger surface area makes up the heel itself.

Block heels are fantastic since they make walking or standing quite a bit simpler compared to other heel kinds, in addition to currently being a stylish heel style.

Block heels enter a variety of sizes and styles, such as square heels, rectangular heels, and occasionally, rounded heels that resemble cylinders.

Stiletto High Heels

Stilettos are very different from block heels in that they are thin; for many people, the higher they are, the better! Many fashionable shoes, including those with very high heels (scroll down to the bottom for that), feature stiletto heels.

Stilettos are frequently seen on strappy summer sandals and pointed pumps. An outstanding instance of stiletto heels is the pointed pumps by Christian Louboutin called So Kate or the lower-heeled Pigalle.

Pin heels are another name for extremely thin, frequently shiny stiletto heels.


Cuban Heels

Cuban heels is a block heel that is considerably bigger and chunkier. Cuban heels are typically found on more durable shoes or boot styles, such as cowboy shoes but combat boots, and can range in height from medium to high.

However, you can also locate them on a tough loafer or pump.


Cone Heels

A cone heel is shaped like an ice cream cone, just like it sounds. similar to the Saint Laurent heels shown above.

The greater piece of the heel, where it tapers downwards towards the bottom, is the part that connects to the bottom of the shoe.

Cone heels always make me think of the gorgeous literally ice cream scoop heels from Shoe Bakery!

Your quest is done if you’ve been searching for information about the many kinds of heels or high-heel designs for women. Women’s high heels are a timeless style that can be worn day or night to complete most OOTD outfits and make you look powerful.

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