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High heels are thought to have originated in Persia in the tenth century. When mounted, army personnel wore these with stirrups.
Since then, they have evolved greatly and are now one of the favored shoe types for ladies.
Of course, certain heels are more in style than others depending on the time of year, season, and history. Since ancient times, other styles of heel have been fashionable!

French High Heels

French heels, which are quirky as the comma heel, date back to the 18th century. The heel has been carved to narrow at the midpoint. similar to how a corset would tighten at the waist.

Typically, French heels are found on pumps with a pointed and almond toe, which were preferred throughout King Louis’ reign.

Pompadour heels, Louis high heels, Antoinette high heels, spool heels, and waisted heels are further names for French heels.

Numerous shoes with historical costume inspiration use this style of heel.

Stacked Heels

The stacked heel is entirely dependent on its structure rather than its design.

It’s a heel that is constructed from thinly layered layers of materials, typically leather or wood, which are visible through slight horizontal stripes. View the shoes up top.


A stacked heel may occasionally be covered in leather and other materials. Cowboy boots and other boots featuring thicker heels, such block, cone, or Cuban heels, are the most common footwear with stacked heels.

This heel style has been in style quite a bit on stylish ankle boots, loafers, and high heels alike.

Lucite High Heels

These footwear are maximum probably manufactured from lucite. Despite the fact that they might be a favorite shoe for women who enjoy pole dancing, shoe designers have turned them into a current vogue.

Although I’ve seen them made into curved or flared heels, lucite heel styles are typically block heels.

They have even been filled in with unrelated objects by some designers who have fused them using other materials.

like the Barbie head heels by Jeffrey Campbell.

Women’s high heels are a timeless style that can be worn day or night to complement most OOTD looks and give you a strong appearance. When you think you’ve bought every pair of high heels for ladies you can find, visit our sale footwear to find additional savings on the newest styles .Find your ideal heel height by experimenting with a range of heels, ranging sky-high to kitten heels. To give clothing a stylish feel, low-heeled, strappy sandals or wedges with a square toe go well with jeans, jeggings, or casual dresses.

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