Best Hairstyles for Girls 2022

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Hair is one very precious thing to all humans across the globe. It makes you feel really good to have hair grow on. Whether it’s on the head, or even throughout your entire body that is for men. For girls though, long beautiful hair makes them feel special. No wonder girls love playing around with their hair while having various hairstyles. In this blog though, I will highlight four of the very best hairstyles, especially for girls.

Best hairstyles for Girls 2022

1. Fishbone braid

Best hairstyles 2022
Fishbone braid

Just as the term, this hairstyle looks exactly like a fish braid. Normally perfectly suited for long smooth hair. Looks extremely gorgeous when perfectly done by a hair expert. Also, allows for easy movement of hair as it’s left free to swing. The wave-like design is one that takes away breath whenever a lady in this hairstyle walks into a room full of men.

To make a fishtail braid, first separate hair into two sections. Bring the two sections to one side of the head. Grip each section with one hand. Then, use your index finger to separate a small section of hair on the outer edge of one of the bigger sections. Its romantic effortless vibe makes it more lovable.

2. Topknot

Topknot best hairstyles
Topknot hairstyle

It involves forming a top knot with hair on the head. The classic, sleek top knot goes perfectly well for a sleek look. A particularly good choice for second-day hair. An easy way to get your hair off your face- and it doesn’t hurt that it looks great on just about everyone.

3. Flower crown

Flower crown best hairstyles
Flower crown

It involves a crown being placed on one’s head. Some ask, how many flowers are needed on the crown. Well, for each crown, we recommend one to two large blooms and three to five smaller blooms to use as assents. You don’t want very large flowers or the crown will become very heavy and oversized.

4. Double Dutch braid

Double Dutch braids
Double Dutch braids

Steps on how to create Double Dutch Braids

1. Create a center parting to the bottom of the head

2. Tie away one side

3. On top of the other side create a triangle

4. Pass the inner strand under the middle strand

5. Pass the outer strand under the middle strand

6. Add a small amount of hair to strands

7. Keep adding hair on each pass till you’re done


The best hairstyles listed above are the very best ones on the market today. Try them out and thank me later!


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