Best Hair Care Tips for Healthy and Shiny Hair

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Many of us overlook our hair, which is located at the very top of our bodies, even though we work to keep ourselves in good health from head to toe. However, there are valid reasons for wanting to maintain healthy hair care. Jessica Walker, a hairstylist and the owner of the J. Walker Salon Group in New Jersey, argues that “our hair is our crown” and is one of the first things that people notice about us. She continues, “Our hair determines so much of our confidence and how we feel on the inside and out.

In addition to helping with self-esteem, having healthy hair is crucial for maintaining other aspects of good health. Debra Wattenberg, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City, claims that “our hair shields us from the cold, insulates our head, and provides some cushioning against trauma.” Additionally, your hair may provide insight into your general health. For instance, a sudden loss of hair may indicate an autoimmune illness or that you’re under too much stress.

Why Proper Hair Care Is Important

In addition to boosting your confidence, hair has health benefits. When its cold outside, hair keeps you warm, and when it’s hot outside, it helps wick away sweat. Additionally, it helps cushion your fall and could shield your head from the light.

Speaking of the scalp, it also has a significant impact on your health. As a quick refresher, the scalp is made up of soft tissue and serves as both a place for hair to grow (hi, hair follicles!) and a barrier against outside intruders that could infect you.

Sebum, the oil that the scalp secretes, has antibacterial properties and helps shield the skin from the sun However, Dr. Wattenberg points out that the oils can also result in odor and infection; for this reason, you should maintain appropriate hair cleanliness!

The majority of us aim for healthy, luscious hair. How does that appear? Think about it: excellent bounce, holds hairstyles, and resists breaking. And those are positive qualities that some people find easier to develop than others. While our genes play the biggest part, other factors like heat, UV, and chemical damage can also contribute to the health and beauty of our hair. Unsure of the state of your hair’s health? To find out how your locks stack up, look at these six indicators.

Smooth and gleaming hair care

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It is safe to assume that hair that appears silky is also healthy. A smooth, flat-lying cuticle is the cause of that shiny—and desired—texture. Our shingle-like cuticle serves as a protective coating over a sponge-like shaft, and it functions best when its “shingles” are closely overlapped on top of the cuticle. And when they are, your hair looks oh-so-shiny because the cuticle will reflect light.

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Excellent Elasticity

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Your hair’s remarkable elasticity is to blame for the lovely bouncy style that lasts all day. It’s a quality that keeps curl and allows you to achieve any hairstyle goal, from tight curls to enormous blowouts. Your hair’s elasticity determines its strength, and having inadequate elasticity can cause excessive breakage and frizz. Start with wet hair to assess elasticity. Stretch out a strand just a little bit. You’re in good condition if the strand snaps back into place when you let go.

Shed Daily A Few Strands

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Each follicle has a growth stage that can last between two and eight years as hair grows in cycles. The hair falls out and a new one grows after that. That indicates that 80–90% of the hair on the majority of people with good hair grows at once, and they can anticipate losing up to 125 hairs every day. If you consistently lose more than that, you should see a doctor because it could be an indication of a dermatological disease or another health concern.

Detangles Easily

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It is simpler to brush through a closed, healthy cuticle because of its flat surface. Hairs have a propensity to tangle and become hooked on one another when the cuticle is high and unhealthy. It is considerably more difficult to separate each strand of hair because of the outer layer’s harsh texture, therefore when it does separate readily, your hair is healthy.

Moisture in Moderate Amounts Does Not Cause Frizz

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Healthy hair is less sensitive to atmospheric moisture. When water enters the shaft below, it causes frizzy hair. When the cuticle is already injured, this occurs much more readily. The cuticle lifts when it is damaged, but if it is healthy and lying flat to the shaft, moisture penetration and frizz formation are more difficult.

Minimum Breaking

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Significant hair breaking is a sign of damaged hair. Overworked and overexposed hair becomes brittle and is more likely to break, leaving behind rough, raw ends everywhere. Examine the hair around your face to evaluate how it is holding up because that area typically experiences the greatest heat damage. Congratulations, you have really healthy hair if you can’t discover much damage there!

It’s crucial to take care of your body by eating wholesome, well-balanced foods and exercising, just as it’s crucial to take care of your hair. According to Pacheco, “Hair endures a lot throughout the day, so it’s crucial that you give it some TLC with gentle and nourishing shampoos to promote a healthy scalp, conditioners to restore elasticity and strength, and protectants to withstand all you throw at your hair in an average day.

It’s a good idea to “listen” to your hair and pay attention to what it’s trying to tell you. According to Pacheco, a person’s hair can give away information about their general health. Unexpected hair loss, breakage, and the sensation of dry, brittle hair may all be signs of underlying health issues, says Pacheco.

As a result, hair is more than just a style for the top of your head; it’s a reflection of your general health and should be cared for with the same mindfulness as the rest of your body.

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By Jason Rube

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