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There are two fundamental methods for applying eyeliner for beginners. Making dots across the upper lid is one approach. Simply connect the dots once you’ve created them. The second simplest method is to simply draw a line outward from the center of the upper lid. In this post we will talk about best eyeliner brands and tips to use them.

Lancôme Drama Longwear Liqui-Pencil Eyeliner

Finding an eyeliner solution that glides on easily, is pigmented, and ultimately is large-wearing, is a requirement if you prefer to line the waterline (the inside rim of your eyelid). This one is great for the waterline as it has a creamy consistency that is soft to apply in the delicate region and is a cross between a gel or a cream. Incredible color payoff can be achieved with very little effort, and once applied, the product completely sets and is completely smudge-proof. The formula has also been examined under ophthalmological supervision and is safe for sensitive eyes as well as suited for contact lens wearers.

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MAC Pro Longwear Fluidline Gel Eyeliner

Everyone dislikes runny, smudged, or fading eyeliner, so selecting one that lasts all day is crucial, especially if you want to wear it for significant occasions or lengthy workdays. Because the waterproof formula seals into place and won’t budge until you remove it with makeup remover, this is a fantastic long-wearing alternative. The formula’s intended use using an eyeliner brush, which gives you complete control over the amount of product to use, pleased our tester. She also liked how quickly it dried, how light and comfy it felt on her eyes. Once it had dried, there was no fading, smearing, or smudging. Additionally, despite its long-lasting and waterproof formulation.

Kaja Wink Stamp Eyeliner

One of the largest beauty technique issues that many people have is getting precise, even winged eyeliner—it’s challenging! It’s for this reason that products like this one, which figure out creative ways to assist us in getting the eyeliner looks we want, are so amazing. One pen that mimics the outer wing of winged eyeliner with an impression on the end is included in the package, along with a conventional liquid eyeliner to complete the look or line the eyelids.

Our tester said that the application procedure and the stamp’s effectiveness both went fairly easily.

This liquid liner is ideal since it has a tiny tip that enables the most exact application and a variety of colors that are extremely pigmented. People, eyeliner should be simple! Seriously, putting it on shouldn’t be difficult.

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