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When choosing the perfect engagement rings, it is essential to comprehend the terminology used to describe different ring settings or styles. The ring setting and style you choose will have a big impact on how comfortable, attractive, or stylish the band is!

Traditional & Elegant

A lot of individuals favor traditional ring styles like solitaire settings. Consider using a trellis arrangement or a basket arrangement to add a little more finesse or to guarantee that the central diamond is positioned particularly low. Add a line of diamond accents to the band for an extra bit of glitz, or look into settings with concealed or covert diamond accents. Another timeless alternative to the conventional solitaire is an engagement ring with three stones.


Stylish & Outgoing

A setting that supports the diamond higher or one that has brilliant pavé-set diamonds just on the ring’s band can be preferred by the wearer if they want to dazzle. For individuals who want a set with a lot of visual impacts and a “wow” effect, halo engagement rings are also highly popular. To add glitter and make the main diamond appear larger or more brilliant, the halo setting adds a circle of gems around it.


Outdoorsy & Nature Loving

Are you a fan of nature or do you prefer being outside? You could choose ring settings that incorporate natural elements like leaves, vines, and flowers. Choose a setting that brings the diamond closer to the hand of someone who is active. A bezel setting, which encircles the diamond completely on its girdle with a thick metal band, is also excellent for protecting diamonds.


Modern and contemporary

Do you value contemporary, cutting-edge fashion? Look at sculptural rings, which play with unconventional shapes. If you wish to completely dispense with the conventional center diamond, think about a ring with lovely accents like engravings or unusual shapes. Or use a semiprecious gemstone to provide a splash of color.


Timeless and romantic

Do you adore all things old and romantic? Think of ring settings with milgrain accents, filigree or scrollwork designs, complex galleries, or delicate bands. Another lovely option for engagement rings is those that feature baguette diamonds and delicate diamond embellishments.

Ring styles are more broad classifications of how engagement rings look and feel, whilst ring settings relate to the particular and more technical features that distinguish the many varieties of engagement rings.

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