Best Emerald Cut Engagement Rings for a Charming Look

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Engagement rings and wedding bands are two of the most celebrated pieces of jewelry worn in hand by almost all married couples. From diamonds to colored gemstones, from standard round-cut to classic emerald-cut, you can find a perfect center stone and prong setting for your big day. Each cut has its own charm, some offer more surface area, while others appear more brilliant than the rest. These factors also associate different price tags with each gemstone cut type. In this post, we have elaborated on one of the most appealing gemstone cuts, that is an emerald cut, its ideal properties, and its popularity among celebrities.

What Does an Emerald Cut Look Like?

A gemstone cut which is rectangular in shape and has cut corners is recognized as an emerald cut. Though the concept of emerald cut emerged centuries ago, the style became popular during the 1920s and 1930s’ Art Deco Era. Such a cut involves step cuts with large linear facets placed parallel to each other. The stones are cut this way to prevent them from chipping or breaking from fractures and to make them stronger.

Why Opt for Emerald Cut?

What makes an emerald cut so exotic is its elongated shape which gives a larger appearance to the stone as compared to other cuts. This is due to the large top surface offered by the cut. In addition to this, the vertically faceted cuts are known to produce a mirror-like reflection through the stone, creating a phenomenal visual effect. As far as the spending is concerned, the vertically mounted emerald-cut stone on the sleek metal band puts less burden on your pocket than other popular cuts and gives your finger a slender appearance.

Pairing the emerald-cut centerstone with additional embellishments can further add to the sophistication of an emerald-cut gemstone ring. This includes a bunch of side stones in round cut or smaller emerald-cut placed along either side of the center stone or simply paving the metal band with dainty diamonds. Speaking of the stone setting, emerald-cut centerstones look their best when placed in solitaire or halo settings.

Are Emerald-cut And Emerald Gemstones Related?

If you are wondering if emerald-cut and green emerald stones are related in any way then let us tell you that centuries ago, emerald stones were cut in a specific rectangular shape with cut corners. This cut began to be known as emerald-cut since it was devised to prevent them from getting chipped during the process of their cutting.

Also, cutting an emerald this way would make the stone more durable and display its beautiful colors in depth. Later on, the cut became popular with gemstones other than just the May birthstone, and today the emerald cut is one of the most popular cuts in diamond engagement rings and a preferred cut in color gemstones as well.

emerald cut engagement rings

Flashing light on Celebrity Emerald-Cut Engagement Rings

Celebrity jewelry accessories have always been in the spotlight for their followers to take inspiration from. So let us focus our attention on some famous emerald-cut specimens adorning the ring finger of some sensational personalities around the world.


The first on the list will definitely be the massive 30ct emerald-cut diamond that rested on the ring finger of actress Elizabeth Taylor. It was no less than a masterpiece in 1956 when she was proposed by Mike Todd. Music sensation Beyonce got a huge 24ct emerald-cut diamond centerstone from her husband Jay-Z which she still flaunts around. Paris Hilton’s dream proposal highlight is her big 20ct emerald-cut diamond ring which she got from the love of her life, her husband Carter Reum.

Heidi Klum’s latest engagement sparkler is an emerald-cut alexandrite center stone approx 4ct in weight from her husband Tom Kaulitz. Tennis Star Maria Sharapova has been sporting a 5ct emerald-cut diamond in a vintage-era setting as a keepsake of her engagement with her partner Alexander Gilkes, a British businessman.

Other celebs on the list include Nicola Peltz’s 5ct emerald-cut diamond, Anne Hathaway’s 6ct emerald-cut diamond, Amal Clooney’s approx 7ct emerald-cut diamond, Gwen Stefani’s 7ct emerald-cut diamond, Kate Beckinsale’s 10ct emerald-cut diamond, and Jennifer Lawrence’s emerald-cut diamond centerstone among others.

When to Avoid Emerald Cut?

If you are looking for a fiery brilliant stone then an emerald cut might satisfy you since it will offer you a different brilliance and sparkle than the round cut. Also, the table or the top surface of an emerald cut gives a clear insight into the stone which means even the slightest of inclusions in the stone could be visible through the cut. Hence, cutting an eye-clean stone in an emerald cut is the best choice.

End Note

Emerald-cut is no doubt trending in the world of jewelry for the cut’s extravagant appearance and hike from celebrity engagement rings collection. By now, if you have also made up your mind to go for an emerald-cut engagement ring, then GemsNY’s vast range of designer emerald-cut engagement rings in different carat weights, and price tags is sure to cater to everyone’s preference and budget. Check out at the earliest!!!

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