Best Desi Fashion for Eastern Females

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Eastern women love dresses for the summer and the desert season and now winters are coming. This time it’s especially cold and winter clothes are even less acceptable than western clothing.

Why? Women are looking for comfy fashion and their preferred way to stay warm. With thong short skirts, shapeless tunics and baggy slippers are always the most recommended for Eastern women.

Here are 7 chic and unique Indian fashion items to save winter, slay winter, feel good about being confident, fashionable, slim, and trendy.

This is mostly a type of tight pants, as outerwear or a jacket. Slouchy pants are usually ideal for Eastern women. Pair them with either J-cargo (regular) or Rashdi/Diameter (short pant). These pants are comfortable enough to cinch the waist and leggings are designed to expand the hips and thighs.


Note to self, never go tight jeans with boots, knee boots, or anything or anybody on your feet. While they could be un-marketable for now, some of the upper-class women in Pakistan aren’t willing to abandon their golden polo toe. I love wearing jeggings and running with them through my fingers and toes.

Denim Jacket

Due to financial, family, child, and/or economic struggles, many eastern women don’t buy lots of coats or outerwear. However, if you can get a collar or leather jacket or a sleeveless legging that is loose, thin, medium enough to feel comfortable.

Ever since she wears skirts and panties on Sundays and other days of the week, women in India/Pakistan love dresses. For women in South East Asian countries, they wear traditional dresses. Many eastern women prefer to accessorize with their grandmother’s traditional dresses because dresses made with chakras bring them back to their ancestral past as well as to show off their eastern heritage. Also, traditional dresses have cotton-made kameez fabric over wool and silk. Sarees are a very popular choice and most definitely a fashion statement.



Jewelry is an essential part of eastern culture and the whole country for women. Nanded is popular as the Indian Kangan, and Kangan and hauteur are called the two highest precious stone combinations in the world. While henna and floral looks are always in style in eastern society, traditional robes are preferred for eastern women. This is primarily for women in the caste system. It is equally fitting to wear jewelry in one’s absence.

If you know an eastern woman you know her loves it when she’s wearing cuddly Ugg boots. Ugg boots by Sanuk (i.e. the world’s first, and still to this day the biggest boot brand, from Japan) are a great option for winter/winter days. They are very comfortable, a great pair of warm socks, and they can also slide easily into the bag of your favorite winter outfit.


Kangol is a popular jumper in eastern countries. Kangol neck warmers are comfortable, flattering, and can still be worn in the off-season. There are also different styles to match any outfit. Kangol is unique and fringed to look different. Dresses are no longer the only fashionable dress. Kangol is a fashion statement that is synonymous with women in the sari community.



A winch is a favorite among Indian women, who love wearing chintu pants, leggings, and kirtan. Don’t worry, one will provide two pairs of “winch clothes” and then you can choose which color pair you feel you want.



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