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Back in the 1940s to 1970s people adored catsuit outfits a lot. Matter of fact, it was the most sort after look back then. Not only the youth embraced it, but also the elderly were occasionally seen rocking in it. There are undoubtedly numerous designs of catsuits. And, this piece highlights the best designs so that you don’t have to worry about picking the cream de la cream of catsuit outfits out here.

catsuit-extra large

Originally, this design was referred to as bodysuits. However, due to their slinky, catlike look, they ended up being called Catsuits. Some people even say that this term relates to the famous Catwoman, whose costume from the 1950s onwards is a modified Catsuit. The good thing about this outfit? It fits almost all body types. From the slim and slender, all the way to plump individuals.

catsuits red and black

Made of high-quality fabric, the suit stretches easily hence offering high-level comfort never experienced before in such like attire. They close by means of a zipper located either at the back or front. It’s rewarded as outwear, but not normally streetwear. Athletes in sports such as speed skating, ski-racing, cycling, body flight as well as gymnastics also put on garments similar to catsuits. Also similar in appearance are wetsuits and drysuits used by scuba divers. Speedsuits used by competitive swimmers also resemble catsuits. To get one, just visit your nearest cloth store or online sites like,, and any other which is more relevant to you. The best part about catsuits? They are relatively cheaper as compared to other suits. So, get yourself one and, you’ll thank me later.

Photo credit Google images.

By Edwin Wamse

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