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Ariana Grande perfumes are quite famous and loved by millions. She is renowned for producing perfumes that are as fantastic offstage as they are on, with upbeat, cheerful, and sweet aromas.

Ariana is one of the sweetest singers around. For millions of her supporters, she serves as an inspiration and a role model. Her scents are a great reflection of her lively, friendly, and charming style. Having said that, several of her best fragrances belong to the gourmand category. Ariana Grande perfumes are sweet, connoisseur scents that attraction to tweens and teens. Yet many are nuanced and sophisticated enough to appeal to more mature women

Cloud by Ariana Grande

Many of the singer’s fans think of Cloud when they think of their favorite Ariana Grande scents. The juice is delicious, and the packaging is gorgeous as well. It wonderfully depicts the lovely aroma contained inside because it is shaped like a puffy cloud.

Despite the intensity of the sweet notes—whipped lotion, praline, coconut, or vanilla orchid—fruity and flowery ones—lavender, pear, bergamot, and musk—balance them out. The seductive combination produces a well-rounded smell that older women will also adore.

This perfume is perfect if you’re in the mood for sugar cookies straight from the oven or s’mores by the fire.

Sweet Like Candy by Ariana Grande Perfumes

Compared to some of the additional Ariana Grande fragrances, Sweet Like Candy is a little sexier, yet it’s just as playful and age-appropriate for younger women. It comes in a stunning pink multifaceted bottle with an exaggerated pouf that exudes an air of total glitz.

Nobody can disagree that this fragrance is one of the best perfume bottles (from any brand! ), particularly for girly-girl personalities, even if they wouldn’t rate it among the top Ariana Grande fragrances for women.

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Sweets Like Sugar, true to its title, is mostly a gourmand smell bursting with sugar-y undertones like whipping cream, vanilla, or marshmallow. It does have citrus notes like blackberries, pear, or bergamot.

Ariana Grande creates age-appropriate, approachable fragrances which might be additionally elegantly packaged. Girls, as well as grownups, will probably wish to proudly showcase these scents on their vanity. If you’re looking for a tween or teen who is looking for a debut scent, a signature smell, or to help her get over the hump of something significant like a first love—or a first heartbreak—you really can’t go wrong about any of the scents featured on this list of the top Ariana Grande fragrances. 

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