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Do you have lots of Pakistani outfits lying around but don’t know how to style them? Don’t worry, because in this post I’ll be suggesting some of the best accessories to buy to style your ethnic wear. You need matching jewelry for yourself in order to look good in Pakistani attire. It’s important to dress in a way that prevents you from over-accessorizing. So now let’s discuss the different types of accessories you can buy.



best accessories jhumkas

The term “jhumki” refers to bell-shaped earrings, which come in a variety of styles and sizes and can be worn regularly or on special occasions. Jhumkas are a superb example of the jewelry’s classic elegance and cross-cultural appeal that dates back to antiquity. Jhumkas should be a MUST-have in your jewelry collection. They look good in almost every ethnic outfit! The size and fanciness of the jhumaks depend upon the dress or outfit that you are wearing. Suppose you are wearing a heavy outfit then big, light fancy jhumkas should go with it. However, if you are wearing a simple shalwar kameez, then small and very light fancy jhumkas should go with it. Since they were first worn hundreds of years ago to improve looks, Jhumkas have been scientifically shown to do just that. This is due to the fact that Jhumkas emphasize the face’s symmetry and inherent attractiveness. 



best accessories bangles

The popular bangle-type bracelet, which is a stiff, circular bracelet, has been around since 2600 BC. The Mohenjo-daro settlements, which are located on the banks of the Indus River in what is now Pakistan, have cultural value for the old object that dates back about 5,000 years. The term “bangle” derives from the Bengali or Bangri term that means “the ornament that adorns the arm.” Bangles come in different sizes and colors. They completely enhance a person’s whole look and personality. Bangles are a common accessory among Pakistani women to accentuate their elegance and beauty. Usually, Pakistani women wear churi yan on Eid at any cost. They come in a variety of hues and patterns. They are the perfect accessories to wear with any ethnic outfit anywhere, on any occasion!



best accessories nose pin

All ladies look stunning wearing nose rings, which are a really charming adornment. Women’s nose rings are a crucial component of accessorizing and dressing up in addition to earrings. It is entirely up to you which side of your nose you pierce; there is no right or wrong side. Choose the side of your face that makes you seem your best in selfies, whether it be the left or right side. Even though nose pins are suitable for any face shape and look attractive on anyone, however, the most typical face shape and the “ideal” face shape are both ovals. The majority of pleasing piercing alternatives are probably available for those with oval facial features. This doesn’t at all mean that only shaped faces should get nose piercings done, in fact, they really do spice up ethnic outfits!

That is it for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Do follow and like for more! Take care and stay classy!!

By, Hajira Awais

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