Best 5 summer scarves for men and women

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It’s been a long time since everybody has known generally those summer scarves designed lightweight for the comfort of people in the world, Mind you, the scarf has been necessary all over the world right now, it is now found in accessories wardrobes and apart from the normal jewellery shocks, watches bangles etc, that is predominantly used in during the winter in other to keep you warm.

But everything has changed right now because scarf has been scraped in every weather condition as style, there are scarves of different materials for seasons like summer and spring that keep you in style. Nowadays, scarves are to be seen as the favourite accessory.

How do I wear Summer scarves?

Summer Scarves 1

To wear a summer scarf is very easy, there are many ways to swaddle your scarf very easily, such as wearing a top and skirt, jeans and a shirt can get glamour with a scarf, oversized velvet blazers shirts and leggings can also rock with Scarf, you also can wear poncho style or cowboy style depending on where you want, to go and the occasion, you can also put it across your shoulders or braid it or wrap it around your neck, but choose your favourite style, it will give you the good appearance and add respect to your Summer outfits whenever you put on the scarf.

Here is the best Summer scarf and how to wear the scarf in a comfortable way for men and women.

Ruffled Up Summer Scarves.

Summer Scarves 2

This is the best summer scarf, it is very easy to the extent you make it at home, it is a very beautiful, and lovely summer accessory for an outing and it can also be a walking tour to the beach, it is made with soft cotton or linen fabric and is also very lightweight. They are two simple ways of wraps to your neck wrapping it around your neck or taking it around your neck with the loose ends in the front and tying a simple loose knot. but this is very cheap and amazing because you don’t need to wear any jewellery around the neck.

The Funky Men’s Chequered Scarves.

Summer Scarves 3

I want you to know that is not only women can rock whenever they wrap it, scarves can help you add to your style quotient and make you look completely different from others, so here is another way of wearing a men’s summer scarf in other to make you look amazing, what you need is to wear an excellent scarf that is matched the outfit, to rock this style you have found for a great cloth that is a contrast to this scarf, In an easy to wrap it, Just take the scarf in front of the neck and let the loose ends fall back, then take the left side over your right shoulder to the show and the right side over the left shoulder to the front, it Is suitable whenever you are going to club, cinema etc during summer.

The Classic Loop Style.

Summer Scarves 5

This an amazing way to wrap your lightweight scarf, this is simple and very quick whenever you may want to tie just fold the scarf into a triangle and place the triangle in front of the neck. Then bring both the ends that are at the back to the front, you can adjust the length by pulling each side, it is very whether is a silky material or chiffon, maybe it is printed or plain, it will make your day in summer.

This is a tutorial about a beaded necklace which is very delicate with beautiful colorful column shaped.Let's have a try!

The Knotted Lace Scarf.

Summer Scarves 6

This is a beautiful summer scarf style for both men and women during party time or any occasion in the summertime, this is a brilliant idea that matches all summer outfits to the extent it rocks fashion style when we wear a long skirt with a simple top, T-shirt and shrugs or jeans etc, to wrap it quite easy just take it to drape around your neck and lose the edge and tie it around your wrist and make sure you loose the knot, the other end should be pulled through the knot – first under and then over.

Shoulder Duster Scarves.

Summer Scarves 7

This is a summer scarf that will add more beauty to your outfit and it is very easy to wrap in two ways that are comfortable for you when you are going to movies cinema, this lovely style makes your look great, and it is light look, just wrap a loose knot similar to the tie knot. You can pair it with skinny pants and a smart top.

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By Akintoye Bolaji

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