Bensu Soral 5 Classy Work Outfit Ideas

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Going to work is already part of our routine every day. It is tiring yes but it is our way to survive (you know what I mean) that is why it is important to make yourself presentable and classy as much as possible even if you are working at home. In this way, you will feel confident and beautiful.

Here are Bensu Soral’s 10 Classy Work Outfit Ideas that you might want to consider as part of your Work Outfits plan for the week.

Tie Neck Dotted Print Blouse On A Trouser

Classy Work Outfit 1

It’s still Fall Season and it’s getting a little bit colder since Winter is approaching just a few weeks from now. I think this Classy Work Outfit Idea is perfect for this season! Tie Neck Dotted Print Blouse On A Trouser must be a common outfit that everyone already wore but hey! We ladies love to experiment with a new style. You can pair this whole look with a boot to make you feel warm (others would prefer a heel). Or If you think trousers will not match your Tie Neck Blouse you can switch to a different style which is Denim Jeans that surely looks great on a boot.

Wearing some accessories will add glamour to the whole look as well so make sure to wear one (not too much). Fixing your hair into a clean and neat hairstyle will do as well as good and nice simple makeup.

Stripped Jumpsuit On A Heavy Trench Coat 

Classy Work Outfit 2

Sometimes we have fieldwork and since it’s cold outside this Stripped Jumpsuit On A Heavy Trench Coat is fieldwork ready. Aside from its fashionable and stylish, it will make you stay warm in cold weather. You can pair it with a high-edge shoe or a heeled boot

Take note, to make a whole outfit looks perfect is to make yourself confident. With this look, you can bun or tie your hair, and don’t forget to put on some makeup. 


White Polo Shirt On A Trouser

Classy Work Outfit 3

White Polo Shirt On A Trouser is always a Classy Work Outfit Idea plus it’s easy to mix and match with everything. You can pair this with a heel, a sneaker, or maybe a boot depending on what you prefer. With a Polo Shirt, you can make a lot of DIY styles with it. You can tuck it in, tie it, or make it a cropped top. The key point in styling is to be fashionable.

Coat On Wide Pants

Classy Work Outfit 4

Coat On Wide Pants is also a common Classy Work Outfit Idea but here’s the main point. Switching, as well as mixing and matching, is our goal for this outfit. You will decide what makes you look best. You can pair this look with a high-edge shoe to make it classy and chic at the same time. A heel will look good on this look as well so it will make the look Formal. But a Boot will make your whole look Classy and Work Ready!


Baggy Pants On A Cropped Shirt 

Classy Work Outfit 5

Tell me you’re classy without telling me you’re classy. This is it! This Baggy Pants On A Cropped Shirt are shouting for classiness (don’t bother with the color combination, you can change it whatever you want). The styling is on point and you can add some accessories to match the whole like. 



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