Benefits of Honey (skincare)

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Benefits of Honey

While growing up, I and my siblings look forward to visiting my grandparent that was one of the things that helped us to grow I must say. I remember how my grandmother will baptize us with a honey bath.

In the backyard of my grandparent’s house lies the honey bee farm, I must say I enjoyed every bit of it. Up till now I enjoyed going back there just for them to pamper me.

Talking about the benefits of honey I recall when I got burned on my hand one of the ways I got healed was with the help of honey, now my burnt hand looks like that of a baby without any traces of burn.

Raw honey has been used throughout history as a remedy to varieties of health challenges and is also seen as a benefit to your skin.

To pamper your skin to look like that of a newborn baby get original raw honey, this you can get from a trusted local store or producer because some of the honey seen today are unpasteurized.

If you want to see the results and benefits of honey get an undiluted one.

Below are some of the benefits of honey for your skin:


1. honey has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It helps to keep your skin moist, especially those that have oily skin, and protects you from acne.

2. honey can improve your skin by keeping it from wrinkles. It keeps your skin looking shiny and young at the same time.

3. I have heard that “honey can treat skin cancer” meaning honey can slow the reproduction and growth of the cell that brings out cancer in the body.

4. honey heals your burns or cuts. have you had an abrasion or cut? you can easily heal it by applying honey to it with time you will have your beautiful skin back.

5. Do you want to have a smooth face or skin? You apply it on your face or skin and leave it for some minutes before washing it out, Viola!!! You have smooth skin thanks to honey.

6. honey can be used as a face and body exfoliator

7. honey can be used to treat sunburn.


8. honey can also put you in shape since it has a natural sweetener generally good for your body. I advise taking a spoon of honey mixed with warm water. It leaves you looking like a million bucks!!!

How to conserve your raw honey

1. Although there is no expiry date for honey, it can get contaminated. It is better to keep it away from light and extreme temperatures.

2. You will want to look for raw honey or you can get it from a verified honey farm. Any way that works for you make sure you get organic honey.

3. Also when getting your raw honey, check out for added ingredients like artificial sweeteners.

4. Check for decoloration in your honey, if there are any traces, I advise you to throw them away.

5. Check for unpleasant smells, if there are any, please discard them. You can always get another one to achieve better results.

Finally, honey has been used for the past 4000 years to heal so many skin and health challenges. It can also be mixed with other herbs to get other benefits. In return, we can say honey is a natural gift to mankind in other to glow.

Photo from Pexels

By Chioma Obasi

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