Benefits of DIY hair mask.

DIY Hair Mask
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If you want to know the benefits if a DIY hair mask you have come to the right place. Have you been in a place where you feel tired of your hair? Probably it has brittle ends. Have you had to deal with thin hair? Maybe you have hair breakage? The above challenges might be more and more.Do you want to get lustrous hair and thick hair? one of the ways to achieve this is with a hair mask. What brings me to the benefits of hair masks?

These benefits cannot be overstated rather herald it so that our beautiful hair lovers can have confidence in their hair. I am not telling you to do this occasionally but do this religiously and see your hair regain its energy and shine.

Below are the types of natural hair masks and their benefits

hair mask

Moringa mask;

if you want to get that full and shiny hair, moringa must be one thing to include in your hair regime. Moringa has amino acids which help in restoring the hair. it leaves your hair better than it was and leaves you feeling confident in yourself and your hair.

how to make a moringa hair mask is simply getting the leaves of the morning, which you can get from your local store.

Mix honey and any hair oil of your choice with the moringa and your hair mask is ready.

fenugreek hair mask:

I used this mask often and I have not stopped having my hair in the right way. Fenugreek is one mask you don’t have to play with reasons because it keeps your hair soft, glossy, and shiny. It has the most interesting nutrient for your hair. This seed is rich in folic acid and various vitamins which help in the growth and stimulation of your hair.

You can get this seed from your store and blend it into powder.


How to make your fenugreek hair mask; soak the seed in a bowl filled with water, and allow it to soak for some hours(usually soft after soaking)

Blend it and sieve the residual viola!!! Your hair mask is ready.

Aloe vera hair mask:

This plant contains keratin, and because of the composition of different properties, it helps in fighting dandruff and keeps your hair away from being itchy. Aloe vera has been used for years in the growth of hair and treatment of different skin diseases. Apart from hair benefits, it’s also good for your skin.

How to make your Aleo vera mask: cut your Aleo vera and bring, out the gel. You can blend it and add olive oil then apply it to your hair. Cover your hair for thirty minutes, wash out with mild shampoo and see your hair shiny.

Honey mask:

So many people do not know that honey can be added to their hair regime. Let me take you through and show you how your hair can enjoy the honey mask. The properties contained in honey help in hair repair and also keep your hair moist. it’s said to have antioxidants that help in the growth of your hair.

How to make a honey mask; take honey mixed with olive oil apply it to your hair, and cover your hair for thirty minutes before washing it off. See your hair bounce back to its charm.

Finally check the above DIY and choose the one you’re comfortable with. Then you can also mix the above, mix two and use them to achieve the lustrous and shiny hair you crave for.

Photo credit Pexels 

By Chioma Obasi

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