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Being one of the world’s most popular supermodels means wearing the craziest extravagant fits that most people won’t have the opportunity to wear and guess what comes with these extravagant fits? An Extravagant price tag!

Here are six of Bella Hadid most expensive fits ever with number one being more expensive than a private Island!


6. The 2016 Fendi Show

Bella Hadid The 2016 Fendi Show

Slaying her way onto the catwalk, Bella Hadid sported an incredible Fendi fit with a floral caped and ankle-length dress for her first-ever Fendi show that complemented the stunning water covered runway perfectly! But something we have learned by now is that Fendi does not come cheap.

This look is haute couture, coming in at an eye-watering $25,000. But this is pennies compared to some of these upcoming looks.


5. The Jean-Paul Gaultier Show

Bella Hadid The Jean-Paul Gaultier Show

Bella Hadid can truly pull up anything, including a completely see-through dress with visible underwear showing underneath. But we knew that from her Victoria’s Secret runways already. The star left the audience speechless in the final show in the floor-length gown. The stunning dress featured intricately placed black flowers that took artisans months to create and cost around $50,000 to make!


4. Vivienne Westwood 2020

Bella Hadid Vivienne Westwood 2020

Bella Hadid slayed this gorgeous fantasy look proving that she can rock absolutely anything on the catwalk. The delicate lace was contrasted by the sharp dragger she held as a part of her fit making the model look insanely badass.

Vivienne Westwood puts crazy amounts of both time and money into her designs making this custom haute couture look way up there when it comes to price! So if you want to own this look you gotta have at least $250,000 to spare!


3. Cannes Film festival 2021

Bella Hadid Cannes Film festival 2021

This Bella Hadid look might just be one of the most iconic Cannes looks of all time. Strutting her way onto the red carpet the model was seen wearing a long black dress with a fully exposed chest area. Who needs fabric to cover up when you have a pair of golden lungs? As we all know gold does not come cheap and this accessory is no different.

The intricately crafted Schiaparelli look will have cost at least a staggering $600,000 with a majority coming from those incredible lungs. I don’t know about you but that price took my breath away!



2. Met Gala 2018

Bella Hadid Met Gala 2018

Celebs never hold back cash when it comes to the MetGala and this fit proves it. The Gareth Pugh X Hearts Gown featured a unique silhouette with exaggerated shoulders and was further accessorized by Bella’s signature slicked-back bun. The veil on her head actually weighed ten pounds and limited her movements. Now that’s dedication.

Considering the embellishments and the incredibly unique nature of this fit, it’s no doubt that this look would have cost the star anything over $1,000,000! A smaller price to pay for the model of the moment.


1. 2019 Met Gala

Bella Hadid Met Gala

And for our final look, we have Bella’struly iconic Met Gala fit by Jeremy Scott. The long time model star caught everyone’s eyes as she sparkled her way down the red carpet. It was truly impossible to count the number of jewels on Bella’s body. which matched perfectly with her silver glittery eyeshadow that she had on.

You won’t be able to guess just how expensive this look was for the star. The sleek, black, diamond-encrusted gown with glittering accessories would have set the star back more than $2,000,000! Can you imagine wearing a dress with the same cost as a small private island!


Blog by Priya Grover

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