Bell Sleeves Are A Hit In Fashion, Their Style Suits From Top To Blouse

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Bell sleeves have a bell-shaped design around the elbow or wrist 

• This design entered the fashion industry a few years ago. 

• Bell sleeves are also popular in Indian wear like kurtas, tops, and blouses.

It is the principle of the fashion industry. Unless a fashion or trend is followed by a film actor, that does not get much success. Every designer aspires to have a star endorse his design. Most of the designers want to take only the stars in their fashion show or ramp walk.

Why did the popularity of bell sleeves decrease? 

Bell Sleeves means that the design of the arms, in which there is a bell-shaped design around the elbow or wrist. This design entered the fashion industry two years ago. This design was very popular in Western Wear.

Soon, bell sleeves started running in Indian clothes like kurtas, tops, and blouses. However, those who did evil to this design were also no less. Many Indian designers have rejected bell sleeves saying that it is neither beautiful to look nor comfortable to wear. Girls look fat in this design. But new-age film actress Alia Bhatt adopted bell sleeves as if it was her own design.

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Bell sleeves hide age 

Film actress Alia Bhatt believes that she looks smart in bell sleeves. She feels that she looks younger than her age in this design. Bell sleeves are trendy and different. Alia is often seen in bell sleeves tops, dresses, or shirts and also carries it in a very cool manner.

Which people will suit Bell Sleeves? 

Bell sleeves look good on college-going girls. A lot can be used with bell sleeves especially in tops or Kurtis. Bell sleeve blouses also look smart. Wear a plain saree with it. Change the style of wearing the Traditional Saree. The specialty of bell sleeves is that it puts a layer of cloth on the fat. This hides the fat.

Do not make these mistakes with bell sleeves 

1. Never carry heavy accessories with bell sleeves. These sleeves are like an ornament in themselves. 

2. Bell sleeves look heavy in very dark clothes. These sleeves look beautiful in floral print tops or light neon-colored tops.

3. Bell sleeves can be worn by women of any age. Do not wear a very loose kurta or dress for this. Since the sleeves are loose, the top should be tailored to the size.

By Shara Sharma

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