Begin with a Flawless Skin!

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Have you wished to get flawless skin that will trip you not only the people around you? Do you wish to have a skin full of admiration? That when people pass, they gush over your skin, You could have asked me what I did to my body seeing how flawless it is!!!

It wasn’t like this before now, I remember when I have to battle with skin dryness, I had a battle with spots all over my body.

I had to be in and out of seeing a dermatologist concerning my situation.

It was physically bad not only physically but all round bad.

Being in and out to see a dermatologist prompted me to take a big step that will change me, my life, my routine, and so many other things… I became intentional.

Come along with me and create what works for you using my steps:

Research: you want to be in control!!! know what you are dealing with. Research!! Research a lot about what you don’t know, and then you can know what you are up against. I had dried skin, I had spots I needed to know the type of skin I have and how to manage it. I needed to identify the problem and how to tackle it. Remember if you want to be in control ” know what you are dealing with.”

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Diet: have you been intentional about the food you eat? Have you heard the saying ” you are what you eat” how do you classify this saying? It simply means you need to be careful because your diet makes or mars your body or skin, In other words, eat healthily.

Products: choose a product that works for you, and flee from toxic chemicals that can damage your skin and leave your skin irritated.

Visit your dermatologist: you might not know this but visiting your dermatologist works for you a great deal. You know more about your skin and can help you achieve your desired flawless skin.


Being intentional about what you do, and eat goes a long way, in case you want to forget, exercise goes a long way to keep your body and skin healthy.

Practice these simple steps and see your skin glow even in the dark.

By Chioma Obasi

Cover photo by Google

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