Becky G’s Style & Iconic Looks

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Becky G’s style is one that is quite unmatched. She is an American singer and actress who is best known for her Latin music, Reggaeton, Dance-pop and Pop music. Becky G has been in the music industry since she was a child, is such a hard worker and is one of my all-time favourite female singers. Apart from her talent in music, I have always admired her style when it comes to fashion. Hence, in today’s blog, I will be sharing with you some of my favourite looks from her.


Becky G’s Style (dresses)

One thing I like is that her style is never boring. The dresses are always vibrant, colourful, sophisticated, stylish or sexy. Some are slim-fitting and others have a little flair.

Becky G's Style (dresses) 1 Becky G's Style (dresses) 2 Becky G's Style (dresses) 3

Becky G’s Style (Bodysuits)

I love that the body suits and the boots are always the same colour.

Becky G's Style (Bodysuits) 1 Becky G's Style (Bodysuits) 2  Becky G's Style (Bodysuits) 3becky g style body suit becky g style body suit


Becky G’s Jumpsuits

Becky G wears a lot of black outfits and the jumpsuits are no exception to the rule! Whether it is black, orange, white or any other colour for that matter, they all look amazing on her. I also love that she switches between sneakers and boots for all her outfits and alternates between a girly or tomboy-ish ensemble.

becky g jumpsuit becky g jumpsuitbecky g jumpsuit


Becky G’s “2- piece” outfits

These aside from the dresses are probably my favourite style of hers because they offer so much versatility. In some instances, she looks taller and in some instances, she looks shorter. There’s also a lot of mixing and matching and layering that can be done with these “2-piece” outfits. Sometimes it can be styled with or without a blazer or jacket. It can be swapped with a pants or skirt and so on.

becky g bodysuit    


To conclude, I feel like Becky G isn’t given enough credit for her impeccable style and I am happy that I got the chance to write about it.


Written by Alejandra Mora.

Copyright © 2022 by Alejandra Mora

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