Beauty of Being Simple

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Simplicity is one of the few characteristics to define my personality. I am the type of person who always chooses to be simple rather than conspicuous. However, I always make sure I look classy and elegant in every way. For today’s blog, we will talk about simplicity in life.

What does it mean about being simple? For me being simple is not just about buying expensive things for your room and purchasing luxury brands for your out-of-the-day. Simplicity is when you accept what you have and when you stop pleasing other people just to accept you. I came to a realization that society judges us for whatever we do, what we wear, or what we look like. People loved to judge and it’s okay to be judged as long as you do what makes you happy.

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Growing up, I used to collect shoes, bags, and books. I love decorating my room and collecting stuff that can beautify my room. If you ask me who’s my number one inspiration I would tell you it’s Barbie. I used to be an impulsive shopper way back then.  But 7 years ago, something happened in my life that helps me change into a better and wise person. It’s a tragedy that broke me into pieces and left my family with nothing. And I couldn’t do anything about it. I cannot even give money to my family because I don’t have any. Where does my money go? Well, I shopped a lot of shoes, bags, books, and decorations that are not even worthy of my money. I hang out a lot with my friends and waste money. But after that incident, if there’s one thing I realized about it is saving money for the better and living in simplicity. Yes! I love shoes and bags but I should’ve been mindful buying them because the truth is, I don’t use them every day and books? 7 years ago, E-books are a trend and there were a lot of libraries that have good books but I still choose to buy them and display them in my room after reading. I did not regret though because they make me happy. It’s just that I realized that I should’ve been wise buying them and I should’ve saved more money for instances that I had experienced back then. Life is a beautiful disaster that always gives us surprises each day. You cannot find happiness from all the luxury items you brought from a known brand. Happiness is about knowing what’s best for you and accepting the truth that life will sometimes throw you a bad omen and you just have to pray for it and handle it the best way you can.

My realization 7 years ago gives me so many lessons. One of them is being simple about life. I learned that I don’t need new shoes or bags to make me look confident in every way because inside of me I am already confident. I learned that I don’t need to buy new books every week because I can read online or I can borrow from my friends. And lastly, I learned that I don’t need to buy a lot of stuff for my room to make it beautiful because even if I change my style now to minimalist it still looks beautiful and it is much better now than before. And oh! by the way! I save money now (lol!). My life right now may look so simple but I tell you, It’s beautiful. 

By Belle Willow

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