Kalash people represent one of the oldest settled tribes of the Hindu Kush Valley. These people have some unique and rare fashion styles and trends. The people of Kalash have their distinctive world of fashion. It has been carrying the legacy of fashion trends for ages.Kalash Beauty & Fashion Through this blog article, I intend you to give a virtual imagination about Kalash fashion. These people celebrate their events in a traditional but sensational way. Happiness is the ultimate reason behind their celebrations. Similarly, “Fashion World of Kalashi People” is mostly hand-made and embroidery oriented. Let’s now read in detail about this glittering and colorful world of fashion. Kalash Beauty & Fashion

Who are Kalash People?

Kalash tribe is a Greek-linked tribe settled in Pakistan. They are situated in a thunderous valley of the Hindu Kush mountains range in Pakistan and Afghanistan. These mysterious people have mainly blue-green eyes.

Kalash people have naturally olive skins and strong body features. These people look gorgeous, beautiful and so attractive. This is why Alexander, the great was convinced of the Hellenic connection of the Kalash People with them. Kalash Beauty & Fashion

Fashion World of Chitral & Kalash

Kalash women wear unique but colorful dresses. Kalash men mostly wear pajama-like outfits along with goat-hair tunics (round doffed caps). Women spend huge time embroidering their baggy black and cotton-made dresses. They decorate cuffs, collars, and hems skillfully and artistically. Women mostly prefer red, pink, green, blue, and yellow colors as part of their embroidered dresses.Kalash Beauty & Fashion They decorate their dresses with glass beads drip, regimented waves, and colorful wool. Women also wear “Kupas” (head caps) embroidered with cowry shells and wool as part of fashion. Kalash women look so amazing and beautiful in their trendy and stylish dresses. This particular style of dressing always remains a trending fashion. Kalash Beauty & Fashion


Jewelry Fashion of Hindu Kush Valleys

Unlike other parts of South Asia, you will hardly find the use of gold in Kalash Valley. Women wear traditional, classical, and old ornaments. From earrings to bracelets, Kalash women use gemstones, silver, and glass. You will find unique rings, necklaces, pendants, and other earrings here in Kalash. However, the use of gemstones is quite frequent in fashion trends. Kalash Beauty & Fashion

Festivals of Chitral and Kalash People

It is the spring season that brings bunches and bundles of happiness to the people of Kalash and Chitral. In the winter season, these tribe gets few celebration opportunities. The year’s biggest festival is the “Joshi Festival” which comes in the month of May. Travelers across the globe love to visit Kalash Valley.

The scenic beauty of this valley and the Hindu Kush Mountains attract thousands of tourists every year. “Uchau Festival” is celebrated in the autumn season. “Chawmos Festival” is the biggest annual festival for the Kalash tribe which they celebrate in December. Kalash Beauty & Fashion


The beauty of Hindu Kush Valley

They maintain their beauty through milk. In fact, milk is a great source of happiness for them. They feed it to newborn babies and through milk in their houses as tradition. Some lovely flowers are also part of their beauty tips.

They use flower petals and milk for their glowing skin. In the winter season, women and girls use milk on their skin. Some herbs and herbal leaves are a source of glowing skin beauty for them. Even some old women use wine for their skin protection in the winter season. Kalash Beauty & Fashion

Culture & Customs of Kalash & Chitral People

Kalash masses are very much hospitable, loving, and caring. They celebrate every event in full zeal and zest. Normally, Kalash people sing, dance, eat, drink and celebrate in their own particular style. However, they do include travelers and tourists as part of it. Women are free to choose their life partners. Once they choose them, an announcement takes place during the celebration time. Beauty & Fashion of Kalash


What does This Fashion Offer to Fashion Designers?

Kalash vogue offers lots of creativity to fashion designers of the world. It appeals the diversity, variation, uniqueness, and style. Particularly, for fashion houses, Kalash fashion style has something special to offer them. Similarly, Kalash jewelry and ornaments attract jewelry developers to seek new ideas and innovations from it.

The specific use of colors, dressing, and embroidery has something new and specific for the vogue world. Kalash fashion can be an excellent theme for any fashion event celebration at the world level. Beauty & Fashion of Kalash

Kalash Valley an Amazing Tourist Destination

The valley of Kalash and Chitral are so adventurous destinations for tourists. The scenic beauty of mountains, weather, seasons, and hospitality offers a lot for tourists. Travelers can find this place ideal for them. As far as fashion is concerned, one can take amazing ideas and inspiration from the fashion of Kalash women. Beauty & Fashion of Kalash


The same is the case with jewelry, which has its own beauty, charm, and attraction. However, the most unique thing for me is the use of different herbs for skin beauty and the glowing face look of Chitral and Kalashi women. Beauty & Fashion of Kalash


This Valley is not so beautiful in natural look only but also equally beautiful in human look as well. There is everything amazing and so exciting. From fashion to jewelry as well as the celebration of events and sizzling seasons, everything is awesome.

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