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The combination of different shades of blues color is making it versatile in any season. There are different color combinations of Blue color shades. In today’s blog let’s discuss the combination of Navy Blue as well as dark blue with Sky Blue color.

There are a lot of combinations of blue with other colors. Even every tint & tone of blue is making a strong impact on every combination. Let’s have a look at the Navy blue & sky blue colors.

blues 1

Blue is a Cool & Peaceful color. Blue is associated with trustworthiness and reliability along with Peace. Its cool appearance means it is particularly likely to make that impression. The color is also used where safety is measured & expected.

As we will see, most of the uniforms are Blue colors only as it shows the safety nature of the color. For many machines as well as instruments also the blue color is always preferred. In some foreign countries also blue is considered most people’s favorite color.

Its cool color combination makes it suitable for every occasion. The evening dress shows an integral part. It looks so beautiful in the evening environment. It’s a perfect blend of fashion as well as tradition. We can use this combination in both modern as well as in traditional costumes. A very sophisticated color combination.

A very beautiful dress with a great combination of sky blue with Dark blue. The superb dress designed by the designer looks so beautiful as well as so sober.

The combination of blue looks very beautiful. The Salwar Kameez is beautifully designed with the perfect use of colors. The Kameez is having different designs on both sides. The top is divided in middle for the sake of design purposes. The left side is having round-shaped design while there is a golden leaf-like structure on the upper side of the right side of the costume. The lower part of the right side is kept as blank. Both sides are having embroidered designs.

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Perfectly created on the perfect sides of the dress. The neck is kept a wider round ‘V’ shape. Looks so sober. The sleeves are also full-sized which adds the decency of the costume in the best way. The lower part of the sleeve is having a border of dark blue color. The lower part of the kameez is having a beautiful design of ogies with light blue color on the dark blue color. Above & below the lower design, it is having both sides a golden border which adds beauty to the costume. The Dupatta is a simple combination of light, sky blue & dark blue colors.


The Salwar looks very beautiful in dark blue color. It perfectly matches up with the complete costume. The hairstyle is simple with long & open at end hairs. The earrings are light blue, white & dark blue colors combined. The Nail Paint is having dark brown color with small light blue color at the lower side of the nails which looks very beautiful. The pair of golden high heel sandals are the perfect one to make the costume so beautiful.

Another design of the same combination of light & dark blue i.e sky blue & navy blue can see here.

The kameez is beautifully designed in such a way that the neck is completely closed the front side of the kameez is having the design of dark blue color on a light blue color background. There is a vertical line of the light blue color in the exact middle of the kameez which is closing the dress perfectly. On both sides of these lines, there are small whitish dots on the dress from top to bottom which adds beauty while watching from nearer. The dark blue color motifs like petals are arranged in a random way throughout the front part of the dress. On the back side of the dress, only the sky blue color appears with no dark blue color designs. The sleeves are full which looks so beautiful. Having lower edges with dark blue color. The Duppata is a combination of navy blue & sky blue colors. The olden sandals add beauty to the costume. The mehendi looks so beautiful which is perfect for traditional occasions. The open hair looks so beautiful on the costume. The salwar is a navy blue color which is perfect for the overall costume & adds beauty to the dress.

Let’s see one more design with the same color combination. In this costume, the kameez i.e. top is designed in such a way that the natural designs of flowers are used to create a great impact on the traditional one. The neck is completely closed. Here, the upper part of the kameez is not having any designs except the neck design. Other space is kept completely blank. At the below side of the kameez, there is the design of natural flowers & petals. The designs are simple & look printed. The design color used is a dark blue color on a sky-blue background. Here, the sleeves are full size, but with a dark blue color design on them.

The dupatta is designed in such a way that the light sky blue color designs are designed on a dark navy blue color background. It looks like a perfect combination of colors & adds beauty to the costume. The open hair with silver earrings as well as the red nail paint & silver sandals adds the attractiveness of the costume.

Even if it’s in traditional wear as well as modern wear, it’s a perfect costume for evening wear.

The cool eyes color. One of the most versatile color Combinations.

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By Prasad Dhere

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