Balance: Basic Fashion Principle 2

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Balance shows the poise and stability of your outfit. The human
body is visually symmetrical, that is, it is the same on both sides of a central line. For this reason it is
best that any important features or decorations are assembled in such a way that equal interest or
‘weight’ is shown on both sides of the fashion outfit.

formal balance


Formal balance, also known as symmetrical balance, is easier to produce than informal balance. This type of balance will be achieved when objects are exact mirror images of each other on either side of a garment.

Formal balance can be achived also with help of accessories in case of a simple dress or blouse. Scarfs or broochs can be helpfull. It is perfect for ofice outfits and minimalistic clothes.

For some occasions, however, formal balance is not appropriate as it can be too severe. It is appropriate for sports clothes or street dresses whereas afternoon and evening gowns are best suited to informal balance.

informal balance


Informal balance is created when objects seem to equalise each other, however, this is not done through the arrangement or through any repetition. It is created when it occurs in an arbitrary manner.
With informal balance the design of sizes, shapes and attractions are placed accordingly. Designs that are larger and attractive should be away from the centre. When arranged properly, informal clothes can be not only effective but attractive too.

Showing equal distribution of weight on both sides of the centre line will make the outfit appear in balance.

informal balance


To correct any appearance of body irregularities it is better to use informal balance as people will notreally compare one side of the body with the other. Making the body appear symmetrical is what informal balance will create.

So when you want to shape your silhouette, informal balance is the key to accentuating your strengths and hiding your flaws.
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Radial Balance

radial balance
Radial balance is created through the major parts of the design emanating from a central point. Things like seams, pleats or motifs emanating from a focal point produce a ‘sunburst’ effect. Radial balance is often seen on necklines. This type of design is usually found on expensive clothing because of the intricate features of radial balance.

radial balance

It’s important to keep your outfit in balance, because that’s what gives the impression of harmony. And a messy and sloppy outfit is never a good option.

Balance : Style Rules according to Principle Design – YouTube

Tip: Start with a simpler basic piece then add elements that create the kind of balance you want.

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