Back To Basic: White On White

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White on White is always a good choice for a basic outfit of the day, It could be a casual kind of day or maybe a simple yet classy look. Whatever style you prefer as long as it’s white on white, that’s basically basic. For today’s blog let’s go Back To Basic: White On White and you might want to add this style to your outfit list.


White On White

White Ruffle Lace Top & Hem Short

And how can you resist this comfortable and fashionable basic white-on-white outfit? It has a ruffle lace detail with a pair of hem shorts. This look is perfect for a chill day like a quick getaway outfit or running some errands in the city. It has a smooth texture which makes the whole outfit comfortable.

For the shoe, you can pair this one with a flat loafer or high-edge shoe for a comfier look but if you prefer a casual yet classy look, a heel is perfect for this. Wearing some jewelry will add extra glamour to the whole look as well so make sure to wear one.

White Large Polo On A  Tank Top & Shorts

White On White 2

Speaking about comfort, White Large Polo On A Tank Top & Shorts serves a comforting vibe as well. This look is perfect for a holiday trip or a day on the beach because it has that vibe but you can wear it also for a lazy day at home. You can pair this look with flat sandals and a stylish handbag as well as some accessories to complement the whole look.

White On White 3

Floral Scallop Trim Bralette & High Waisted Shorts

Let’s say this outfit is basic but it’s on a different level. Floral Scallop Trim Bralette & High Waisted Shorts gives an elegant and classic feeling of fashion and styling. You can wear this outfit to the beach or maybe a roamed around the city. You can put on a cardigan or coat for whenever you feel cold and pair this outfit with a heel or a flat open heel for a more casual look. This style may be too much for a basic look but that’s fine.

It would be better to wear some jewelry as well like a necklace and earrings and other accessories you want to add. Also wearing makeup will add beauty to the whole look as well.

Polo & Shorts

White On White 4

Polo and Shorts are never out of style and it is everyone’s favorite lazy outfit, especially at home. It is in everybody’s closet and you can wear it for a quick grocery run or doing some errands in the city because it has casual vibes I think that’s the advantage of polo and short style. It is a perfect pair for a flat sandal or loafers for a more basic vibe.

White On White 5

Ruffle Side Top & Wide Leg Pants

Casual look but still want to feel the basic vibe? This Ruffle Side Top & Wide Leg Pants can give you that. Oy is perfect for a work-from-home outfit. It is formal and you can wear this wherever you want to go.

You can wear a heel for this look and also wearing a piece of jewelry like earrings and a bracelet will add extra glamour to the whole look. Since it has a closed neck I suggest fixing your hair into a bun will give highlight to your face as well as to the whole outfit.

Summer Dresses

Basic means, choosing what you are comfortable to wear with. It’s not just about the colors and simplicity, it’s about love and passion for dressing up.

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