Astrological Effects of Color Gemstones

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Astrology says that stars and planetary configuration have a profound effect on human life. Legends have it that color gemstones affect a person’s luck and personality.

Color gemstones are given the utmost importance in astrology. And why not?

Every astrological gemstone is unique in its way and has gained significance in the world of astrology. Two stones from the same mineral family can have different astrological properties that can influence the respective planetary effects of the gemstones. For example, yellow sapphire, blue sapphire, and ruby come from the same mineral corundum, and have the same physical and chemical properties, with color being the only differentiator among them. As per astrology, yellow sapphire corresponds to the planet Jupiter; blue sapphire corresponds to Saturn, and ruby to the Sun. Doesn’t this highlight the importance of color in gemstones?

astrological gemstones
astrological gemstones

Here’s a list of precious gemstones that have strong astrological effects on the wearer!

Read on to learn more.

  • Astrological Effects Of Sapphire

Every sapphire is unique and rare and has different astrological effects. Mentioned below are some of the sapphires that astrologers recommend for earning love, luck, wealth, prosperity, and health.

  1. Astrological Effects Of Blue Sapphire – The royal blue gemstone bestows its wearer wealth and good luck while unlocking hidden talents that help the person achieve new heights in their career. Blue sapphire protects a person from evil and negativity.
  2. Astrological Effects Of Yellow Sapphire – The yellow gemstone brings prosperity to its wearer. It is also believed to bless the wearer with good health, fame, honor, and status.
  3. Astrological Effects Of Pink Sapphire – Looking for love? Pink sapphire is your calling. It helps in finding your true love. The pink gemstone boosts its wearer’s confidence which in turn helps in making clear and better decisions.
  • Astrological Effects Of Ruby

An emblem of love, passion, and wealth, the red gemstone that everybody adores has many positive astrological effects on its wearer. The striking red rubies are said to strengthen mental health and amplify the nobility of the wearer. The king of gemstones helps one earn a name and fame in one’s field. The stone of love and passion, ruby, not only mends relationships but also helps find a soulmate.


If ruby is not worn correctly, it can affect the wearer negatively! It is strongly recommended that gemstones be worn after taking advice from an experienced astrologer.

  • Astrological Effects Of Emerald

The May birthstone stands for romance, rebirth, and hope. There is no denying that emerald is one of the most striking gemstones and that it spreads positive astrological effects on its wearer.

Emerald works wonders in boosting one’s wisdom and clarity of mind! The stunning green gemstone also promotes the creativity of its wearer. As an auspicious stone, emerald helps in benefitting many financially.

It’s about time you enhanced your personality with these impactful traits that the green gem offers! Wearing an emerald ring, pendant, or earrings will help you achieve all the good things in life!

  • Astrological Effects Of Alexandrite

The chameleon gemstone, alexandrite, is a gorgeous gem. Very unique and rare in nature, alexandrite has gained high popularity among millennial brides-to-be! From an astrological standpoint, astrologers highly recommend alexandrite to elevate creativity and intellectual capabilities. Adorning an alexandrite will help a person overcome many obstacles in their professional life. Alexandrite represents hope, peace, growth, and wealth.

The June birthstone also brings good luck to people born in June! Are you a June born? Invest in an alexandrite gemstone to get all the things you deserve.

  • Astrological Effects Of Tanzanite

Tanzanite is one of the most popular gemstones in the industry. Its beautiful purple shade has attracted many! Tanzanite gemstone also has special powers that help the wearer achieve great things in life. Adorning the enigmatic December birthstone has several benefits. Tanzanite is said to boost one’s immunity and helps a person in leading a healthy life. It also helps in strengthening relationships among close friends and family.


The December borns are lucky to call tanzanite their birthstone as it brings calmness, serenity, and prosperity to the life of the wearer.

Gemstones are precious and beautiful, and everyone loves their vibrant colors, but beyond that, they also possess powerful mystical astrological effects. Therefore, it is always recommended to invest in gemstones after consulting an astrologer.

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