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it was a normal Saturday morning, I just woke up, prayed, and was trying to figure out how I was going to spend my day when my phone rang. I checked who the caller was and boom, it was my bestie from my university days, and guess what guys?…….

  “She is getting married”

I was so happy and excited for her guys. And the most important part is that she wants to be part of her bridal train asoebi for her traditional wedding.

Wow, guys, please allow me to enlighten you a little about “asoebi”. My name is Cynthia and I am from Nigeria. In my country Nigeria, a bridal train is popularly known and called “asoebi”.

asoebi 1

The future bride will usually choose her friends to be part of her asoebi (bridal train). Her friends’ acceptance signifies or indicates a sign of “peace, love, cooperation, and solidarity among friends to show their support to their friend on her big day.

It is usually the bride who selects or chooses the materials for her asoebi with the help of family and friends or the wedding planner.

The materials are usually “Georges, lace, and Ankara”. The bridal also decides if she wants to sell or gift the materials to her asoebi. Most times they usually sell them to her friends and they will gladly buy from her as a sign and token of love.

Summer Dresses
asoebi 2

So the material is usually uniform. They are the same in both color and design. Also, the materials go together with the “gele” (head scarf) of course with new shoes and bags sometimes a hand fan. I will discuss gele in my next blog post so stay tuned.

Back to my story, you can imagine my excitement when my bestie called me and invited me to be part of her asoebi for her traditional wedding. We talked for hours and she told me the color and designs she wanted for her materials. We finalized everything and she pleaded with me to accompany her to buy and select her materials and I obliged.

Three weeks passed and we shopped for the materials for the asoebi and shared them with her friends that part of her asoebi. Who will in turn to their various designer for sewing.

Please note that that the materials for the asoebi are the same in color and the design imprinted in them but the designs or styles to be sewn depend on individual preferences.

asoebi 3

Look at this picture and its beauty you can see that the ladies are wearing different designs and the bride is in yellow, to differentiate from her asoebi. Each lady here selected the designs that were sewn by different designers of their choice.

Back to my story, I got my materials and contacted my designer and we agreed on the design I wanted.

A few weeks passed and the long-awaited day came. And everything was perfect guys. My dress fitted me so very well. You needed to see with my makeup my new shoes and handbag.

Also, my bestie the bride looked so beautiful and spectacular. Why not she is the bride after all. We all hyped, danced, and celebrated with her.

See you in the next blog post and pls follow me guys we have a lot to uncover about Africa and fashion. Until then

See you, kisses.

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