Are Solitaire Engagement Rings Boring?

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Jewelry has been worn by men and women since the Stone Age to adorn themselves. The emperors and the empresses of ancient civilizations would express their ultimate power and reign over their kingdoms by showing off their enormous wealth and possessions in the form of heavy pieces of jewelry made up of precious gemstones and metals.

But it was not until the mid-15th century that the concept of presenting or wearing jewelry as a symbol of love or ownership came into the limelight when Austrian Archduke Maximillian offered a diamond engagement ring as a souvenir of his betrothal to Mary of Burgundy, after which, there was a wave of presenting diamond rings as a token of love among European nobles. In this article, we’ll introduce you to a very favorable and popular engagement ring design, solitaire engagement rings.

Solitaire Engagement Rings at a Glance

A solitaire can be defined as a single piece of a precious gemstone such as a diamond, an emerald, a ruby, or a sapphire. When such a stone is studded in the middle of a ring as a center stone, without having additional stones by its side, it’s called a solitaire ring.

Their minimalist look and feel have prompted people to accept solitaire rings for any & every occasion and most importantly for their engagement ring or wedding band. So if you are also planning to go for an exquisite solitaire to propose to the love of your life, then mark our words, your solitaire ring’s sleek band with dominant center stone will speak volumes of its versatility and ever-lasting charm to suit any style your partner will pick.

Celebrity Solitaire Engagement Rings You Would Die For

Some of the celebs who have found their eternal love in perfectly shaped solitaires include Kourtney Kardashian, who introduced the world to her 10 ct oval diamond solitaire in 2021, along with Britney Spear, who also flaunted a 3.5 ct round diamond solitaire on her ring finger the same year. Music sensation Lionel Richie’s daughter Sofia wears an emerald-cut diamond solitaire as her engagement ring and a similar setting could be seen adorning the ring fingers of Nicola Peltz and Diana Kruger.

Sophia Bush also shared a glimpse of her square-cut diamond solitaire once while holidaying with her partner. Lindsay Lohan and Music Legend Rod Stewart’s daughter Kimberly Stewart have also been sporting their diamond solitaires wherever they go and setting the solitaire trend high.

Solitaire Engagement Rings

Are Solitaire Engagement Rings Boring?

The solitaire design has been in existence since ancient Roman times. However, it became widespread in 1886 when American jewelers popularized this style, and today it is one of the most sought-after designs for couples’ engagement rings. Although during that period, there weren’t many designs for people to choose from, they were instantly drawn towards the classic solitaire setting, and it’s commendable that the style is still timeless among the modern generation.

Though solitaires are bound to please every heart, those who wish to give a lavish touch to their big day ring with multiple side stones or look forward to flashing their ring finger with multiple layers of the band may find solitaires a little bland to admire for a lifetime. So, if you are more inclined toward trending jewelry and want to curate your best out of the multiple options available, then limited-designed solitaires may not excite you.

End Note

What is boring and what’s not is entirely up to you and should not be governed by what others might think of it. So, if a simple and minimalistic solitaire ring is what tickles your charm, then we, at GemsNY, have got a massive range of precious solitaires paired with complementing metal bands that you can check out on our official website. From diamond to sapphire solitaire, we promise to give a break to your quick search for classic solitaire engagement rings.

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