Are Skinny Jeans Really Out Of Style?

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This year, it appears that the retro look is making a comeback. From baggy jeans in the 1990s to straight-leg jeans in the 1980s to flare jeans in the 1970s. They are expected to return in 2022. Although these styles were popular at the time, we can’t deny that not everyone will be able to wear them.

Photo Credit: Vika Kirillova

I myself am reluctant to wear baggy jeans as I am a petite person that’s struggling with obesity. I still don’t look good in big jeans, even after losing weight. It makes me look flabby with no shape. I believe that I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Let’s be honest, most of us have skinny jeans as our go-to denim. I mean for both women and men. As long as you know your own body type and proper rise for you, you could never go wrong. No matter if you’re tall, small, slim, or plump, you will be able to find the perfect type of skinny jeans for you. It can also make your legs look longer and your waist look slimmer.

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But, is skinny jeans no longer fashionable? Is this type of jeans considered to be old-fashioned and only old ladies should wear them? Well, a month ago, I saw a viral video on Facebook wherein the daughter mocked her mom’s style since she’s wearing skinny jeans. I was shocked, why would skinny jeans be out of style? However, I suppose things can change in the blink of an eye, and new trends will emerge at some point.

I still prefer to wear skinny jeans over other baggy, flared, boyfriend, and mom style. I’m more comfortable wearing it. Besides, there are still famous fashion brands that keep this in their collections like Tom Ford, Givenchy, and Saint Laurent. The popularity of skinny jeans may decline in the upcoming years but I believe this style of jeans will never go old. What about you? Would you throw your skinny jeans out of your closet for the new trend this year?

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By Analiza Arellano

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