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Including a brand-new Medications app, upgraded Workout app, sleep phases, an innovative AFIB History tool, and new, more adaptable faces for watches like Lunar and Metropolitan. Orders for the Apple Watch Series 8 of the Apple Watches or Apple Watch SE can be made starting today, with delivery set to start on Friday.

Along with a brand new processor, the Series eight provides temperature size and automobile crash detection. The Series 7 of the Apple Watch or Series 6, still have lots of life remaining in them despite these upgrades, so if you already own one of these watches, there’s no need to upgrade just yet.

This is particularly true given that Apple frequently releases software updates with a lot of new functionality, such as WatchOS 9, which works with watches up to 4 years old. However, if you still wear an outdated Apple Watch model 3 or earlier, it’s time for an upgrade.

Many of Apple’s essential health and safety functions, including as irregular heart rhythm alarms, high and low pulse announcements, water resistance, workout following, emergency SOS, and detection of falls (Series 4 and later), are present in all Apple Watch models that have been launched over the past five years. Given that Apple just incorporated additional sensors for measuring temperatures or blood oxygen monitoring, the major differences relate to health tracking. Though it can be challenging to judge the true value of these deeper health data, it’s vital to keep in mind that the Apple Watches are not medical devices. My general impression is that folks who desire access to more heart and respiratory medical information to share alongside their doctor may find these added capabilities valuable.

This comparison of the the latest version of the Apple Watch to previous Apple Watch iterations from the last five years. We don’t list previous Apple Watches since, if you are using a Series 2 or older, we advise upgrading. Because it’s a brand-new device with more obvious distinctions than Apple’s other watches, the Apple Watch Ultra is also not addressed in this tutorial. Our comprehensive evaluation regarding the Apple Watch Extreme contains further information.

 You could be considering buying an Apple Watches Series 8 model now that the celebrations were over in order to support any fitness-related resolutions for the new year The answer to whether it’s worthwhile to upgrade depends on the watch you now possess and how well it’s maintained.

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