Ankara for Fashion

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Okay okay, I know, I’ve got a lot to apologize for, but I still blame the stress and work🥺. Also, I had a little episode of writer’s block just trying to find inspiration for what I was going to share with y’all fashionistas, and it hit me… Ankara😌.

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I cannot deny the love I have for Ankara. Be it gown, tops, skirts, kimonos, bags, or shoes… Ankara brings out culture. I’m a Yoruba girl, so if there is anything I wanna style myself in, it’s Ankara. We have many ethnic groups in Nigeria and as such we are made distinct with our style of dressing and materials used.

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On any skin tone, body shape, or height, all you need is a quality Ankara material and a good tailor. This style above can even be sown as a jumpsuit. This style can also be worn to any event. One of my budget on my to-do list is to wear Ankara to any event I’m going to for a whole year.

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Couple goals serving matching outfits 😉 is also one of the many things Ankara can do for you. Simple, stylish, and matching. Rock your event 😎

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Apart from a couple of goals, Ankara can also be served with a plain material, any color matching the Ankara material will do. You can style it in whatever way you want.

I really love Ankara and if anyone has read my novel “Mr billionaire wants me” you’d see that it’s my advertising and showcasing the culture of Nigeria.

Until next time, Fashionistas ❤️ 

By Oluwatoyosi

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