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Most of the women realize it is hard to enhance their outfits with bangles. Some say that they get in the way, some say that they can never find the right occasion to wear them, and the objection we hear most often is that they are difficult to match with other accessories.

Nevertheless of all of that, bangles remain one of the most beautiful and timeless pieces of jewelry a woman can buy for herself. When worn right, they add a perfect touch of class and glamour to any outfit.

If you’re not sure how to wear bangles but would like to include them in your outfits for all occasions, stay reading to learn more.


some useful bangles wearing tips are as under:


When you are selecting which one to wear, make sure you consider your event. When you’re at work, you don’t want your bangles to make a lot of noise and disturb the work environment or even worst, distract you.

The bangle you wear to work should be cool and stylish, something that speaks to your personality. If you’re wearing a fashionable outfit, stick with more elegant bangles.





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At the same time, you shouldn’t shy off from thicker bangles either. When you’re out from work or sitting down for a nice dinner with family/ friends, a thick bangle could be just the thing your outfit needs to shine.

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Your aim shouldn’t be to burden your arms with as many bangles as you can. Usually, in the most classy and simple looks, a single bangle on one wrist is enough to really set a look off.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment. Wear a few bangles with different colors or patterns could be a good look, as could wearing a few of different breadth.

The look of multiple bangles can be beautiful with the right outfit. Just don’t forget that it’s your style you’re trying to display here, so trust your own judgment never shy.

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I am always been fond of comfy things whether it’s clothes, shoes, or jewelry so for me, it’s an essential thing.


So finding the most perfect fit for the wrist is another important task to choose the perfect bangle. If your bangles are too much tight and you can’t even move your hands because of the tightness of that bangles so it makes skin rash and irritating as well

similarly, if your bangle is too long, you’re facing to run into a number of problems. It will probably look thick on you, regardless of how beautiful the jewel is. And when it falls off, you’re going to have to spend a lot of time searching for it.

The bangles which are beautiful but oversize are never a good bangle idea. So while shopping makes sure you measure your wrist so you can find the most perfect size for you.


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Bangles are a good thing to wear on any occasion, whether at a party or in an office you can wear it and seems to be an elegant thing to wear in my opinion so while selecting any bangle the person should always look for its right size so that it can prevent yourself from tightness and irritating thing and you can use furthermore in future.

By Asra Hadi

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