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Honestly speaking, choosing workwear on daily basis is always a tough job.  Here, I am going to share with you my top ideas about what you should wear at your work daily. I have my tips which will prove helpful for you to overcome this confusion.  Doubtlessly, having a constant perfect personality depends upon constant planning.

Someone has said;

“Dress well is a form of good manners”

Well, for me along with being dutiful it’s also an expensive job. But, I have many ideas to overcome the issue of expense. Actually, at the start, you should make a schedule and have proper planning. Gradually, you will overcome many issues regarding matching with a little collection of clothes.

Workwear 001

As a matter of fact, a year has many seasons that change one by one. Hence, we all have a collection for every season. And after one or two years that collection for every season is renewed.

Workwear Collection #1

Workwear 002

Firstly, you have a collection of jackets and coats of different styles. Essentially, you should focus on taking jackets that shouldn’t,t outdated. Here, I have a collection of jackets that are matchable with every outfit. Presently, I have jeans jackets, some long and short coats, and other stuff jackets like leather jackets, etc.

Mostly, jackets remain with you for more than two to three years. Now, the main thing is to have good combinations with different outfits. So, whenever you start up with jackets must have a combination in mind. In order to, have convenience throughout the whole week when getting up the dress.


Workwear Collection #2

Workwear 003

In the next, you have a collection of pants. Moreover, the collection has every color and style of pants. Likewise, pants also never get old too soon like jackets. However, it’s the most important part of an outfit whatever the season is.

Furthermore, you have, blue, black, grey, etc colors in pants along with different styles like tight, loose, or maybe normal, etc. Also, you already have a combo of different pants with different shirts, jackets, and other apparel.

Workwear Collection #3

Workwear 004

Thirdly, all we need is to have a collection of shirts. Subsequently, shirts have different stuff for different kinds of weather or season. Additionally, you should have specific shirts of solid colors and two to three light colors. In general, most people have shirts in black, white, grey, brownish-grey, and blue colors.

Besides this, you also make a combo of different shits with different pants.

Workwear Collection #4

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In the end, you have a collection of ties and a collection of belts. But, you should keep only three to four pieces of both. Indeed, the belts and ties must be branded. These two things are important in a good outfit. Despite, being a part of good outfits they also enhance the looks of the outfit if chosen properly.

On the other hand, these two things don’t need too much to do. Only, all you need is to have two to three good colors of both. And, the best version of you is ready.

  • Moreover, if you are fond of wearing watches it is also a plus point. Personally, I love to wear the watch and I also have a simple and decent collection. I will recommend it. I feel fun sharing these thoughts with you guys. Dr. Rabia<3

By Rabia Syeda

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