All the Outfits Worn at the Danish Coronation.

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Hej fashionistas! If you don’t know, “hej” means hi in Danish. I am so excited about the coronation ceremony that happened yesterday in the country of Denmark. I have always adored the royal couple and their lifestyle because it is so simple. Following the news of the abdication of Queen Margrethe II, yesterday marked the rarest ascension to the throne in more than 700 years. However, we are all for the outfits and fashion of it all. So, please follow me as we uncover all the outfits worn at the Danish coronation.

Denmark is a remarkable country that I would not hesitate to visit. Their culture, food, and fashion simplicity just say it all. Especially the royal family. There is just a depiction of royalty, even without trying in the fashion sense. Now I know that most royal families have their designer outfits and all. However, the way and manner in which this particular royal family carries themselves just stuns me.

On New Year’s Eve, during her speech, HRM Queen Margrethe II announced her abdication of the throne to her son. King Frederik X and his amazing wife, Australian-born Queen Mary, are people who hold so much love for their nation. It shocked me and the entire nations of the world because an ascension like this hasn’t happened in more than a century. In fulfillment of that speech, the queen successfully handed over the throne of the Danish kingdom into the hands of her son.

All the Outfits Worn at the Danish Coronation.

Now for the fashion part! As I said, the royal household is simply stunning with their idea for minimalist outfits. “Despite appearing in a minimalist form, these outfits contain numerous details. Here is a list of all the outfits worn at the Danish coronation:”

Queen Margrethe

All the Outfits Worn at the Danish Coronation.

The now-former queen of Denmark has always looked stunning in whatever outfit she dons. Every time I see them, her regal attire stuns me with such simplicity. Even in her old age (83), she still manages to look elegant and regal in whatever she wears.

The Queen, at her abdication or ascension ceremony, opted for an outfit that simply spoke regal. Queen Margrethe II wore a purple dress and a gray overcoat. She paired her outfit with a set of diamonds and ruby earrings that were a gift from her late husband. Also notable in her outfit was a horseshoe brooch that her father had given her.


King Fredrik X

All the Outfits Worn at the Danish Coronation.

The Danish coronation is such a big deal, not just to the world but to the person succeeding the throne. King Fredrik, who had been preparing for this day his whole life, although it came early, was nothing short of amazing.

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After the prime minister, Mette Frederiksen, announced the succession, the king gave his proclamation, saying, “My hope is to become the unifying king of tomorrow. It is a task I have approached all my life. It is a task I take on with pride, respect, and joy.”

His speech ended with his motto, “United, Committed, for the Kingdom of Denmark.”. Honestly, just seeing him struggle to keep his tears at bay made me tear up as well. I just love how natural he was during it all.

As he stood on the balcony at Copenhagen’s Christiansborg Palace, he recited his declaration three times, wearing a ceremonial military uniform. Also, since he is not just king but also a sovereign, after the order of the Elefantorden, he attaches an elephant pin of the order to his outfit. Furthermore, the matching eight-point silver star on the left side of his chest and the pale blue silk moiré sash also signify the order.

Queen Mary

All the Outfits Worn at the Danish Coronation.

Oh my gosh, Queen Mary is just such an amazing woman. I love how she carries herself with all the simplicity and firmness of nature. She is by far my favorite queen among all monarchs. Also, she is extremely beautiful. The queen stepped out to join her husband and king in the reception of their roles.

Her outfit did her no justice, as it was just as beautiful as the woman wearing it. She wore a long-sleeved white dress with a separate waist belt draped around the neck and over the shoulder, made by Danish designer Søren Le Schmidt. It was the same designer who made the dress she wore to King Charles III’s coronation in May last year. Le Schmidt told Vogue Scandinavia that “I was very honoured, happy, proud, and not least grateful to be asked to design this particular dress.” She also said, “The first dress that Queen Mary would wear under her new title as Queen—a dress for the history books—means a great deal. I am very moved.”

The queen also adorned her outfit with earrings and a brooch that she attached to the stomacher of the dress from the Ruby Set. This way, she added the beautiful color of Denmark, which is red and white. Not just that, an ordensportraettet, a framed image of Queen Margrethe II encircled by pearls and diamond Maltese crosses, was pinned to Mary’s shoulder.

Crown Prince Christian

Following the succession of his father as king, Prince Christian will now be titled Crown Prince Christian, who will take over after his father. I haven’t really followed the prince’s fashion life, but it seems our crown prince has a thing for suits. Not that I’m complaining; they do look good on him (lol). The 18-year-old eldest child of King Fredrik and Queen Mary donned a smart black suit, which he paired with a crisp white shirt and a speckled tie. The royal family really does have a knack for simple outfits. It’s just endearing.


Princess Isabella

The eldest daughter of the royal family of Denmark was also outstanding in her attire as she stood with her family. The day must have felt so life-changing that you can see the affection everyone has within the family as they support each other.

Princess Isabella was spotted wearing a coat by Carolina Herrera adorned with a delicate brooch that included three diamonds, a round pearl and a pear-shaped conch pearl. The brooch was originally Queen Alexandrine’s, Margrethe’s grandmother. It made its way to Margrethe and was passed down as an inheritance before Margrethe gave it to Isabella for her christening in 2007.



Princess Josephine

The youngest daughter seems so lovely resting in the arms of her father. They look so relaxed and so close—more than I can say for some monarchs. Princess Josephine looked stunning in a navy double-breasted Prada coat that belonged to her mother. This was a very kind gesture, considering Mary’s tendency to wear her favorite clothes over and over again.

I am honestly looking forward to seeing them excel in their new roles. Long live the royal family, then (lol). Their outfits were so stunning and held so much meaning. It just teaches me that we can make statements with our outfits, and it tells people what we want them to know about us.

Alrighty, this brings us to the end of another blog post. Please like, comment, and share.

Anyway, see you next time, fashionistas.

God bless you guys (wink)

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