All About Neelam

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The natural blue sapphire stone, also known as Indian Neelam, is one of the most exquisite and genuine stones available. The blue sapphires continue to have the highest rank out of all the gemstones. The Natural blue sapphire, one of the best blue hues, offers numerous astrological and Vedic benefits. Because of its dazzling color, durability, tenacity, and shine, it is the most prized and sought-after gemstone.

Source of the original Neelam stone

Thailand is the country where blue sapphires are found most commonly. Original blue sapphires are mined in about 20 nations, including China, Madagascar, and Australia. However, due to their superior quality and the country’s sophisticated, legal mining methods, Thai sapphires are the most precious.

Do the inclusions on the stone add value to the real blue sapphire gem?

In the gem industry, inclusions often cause sapphire gemstone prices to drop. If the inclusion compromises the gemstone’s toughness, the price drops significantly. However, occasionally inclusions can increase the value of particular sapphires. Some of the most valuable blue sapphires include several minute imperfections that give the stones a velvety touch. These inclusions scatter light to create pleasing aesthetic effects while preserving the gemstone’s purity. The gem’s inclusions play a significant role in evaluating its originality.

Which factor determines the price per carat of blue sapphire gem?

Neelam stone

A natural blue star sapphire’s carat weight determines how much it costs per carat. The size of the stone will affect how much it costs. An original blue star sapphire’s average price per carat costs around 500$. However, the price per carat may vary from 5000$ depending on the stone’s quality. Due to their rarity, sapphires with higher carat weights are more expensive.

It is typically recommended to purchase genuine, certified blue sapphire gemstones online or from trustworthy sellers to ensure a fair transaction. A crucial element is buying a genuine blue sapphire from a reputable online merchant.

How to keep the authentic Neelam gem clean and in good condition?

Whether wearing original Ceylon blue sapphire jewelry frequently or on special occasions, one should clean it frequently. The following are some at-home cleaning recommendations for blue sapphire rings and other jewelry:

●Using soap and water to clean jewelry is always a smart idea. Consider soaking your jewelry in a bowl of warm water with a bit of dish soap for a short period of time. Use a soft brush and a gentle stroke to remove dirt or grime. Thoroughly clean, then dab dry with a soft cloth.

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●Mix water and baking soda into a paste to clean the blue sapphire stone. After being cleaned with the combination, the stone’s unclean contents and other dirtiness are removed. Additionally, it aids in restoring the stone’s brilliance and sheen.

Benefits of wearing a certified blue sapphire gem

1. Saturn, the presiding lord of the Neelam stone, is said to bring forth instant prosperity and fame in commerce, employment, and independent endeavors. Businesspeople or professionals experiencing career stagnation might instantly break the impasse and change their fortunes by donning a natural blue sapphire stone.

2. One of the most gratifying qualities of the natural blue sapphire gemstone is its capacity to reverse unfavorable situations. The authentic Neelam Ratan strengthens the weakening Saturn, giving the person a wide range of opportunities to amass and manage wealth.

3. The authentic blue sapphires support the wearer by guaranteeing that the communities in question recognize the brilliance and dedication of the person, which in turn gives recognition and fortune to them, whether they are pursuing a career in the arts or a career in politics. It brings enhanced reputation and growth in the wearer’s life.

4. Discipline, patience, and detachment are reoriented by Saturn, who is also known to instill discipline in the wearer’s life and make him more focused, committed, and forward-thinking in his approach to work. The advantages attained due to the wearer’s advanced work ethic reflect the benefits of the Neelam gemstone. So, wearing a real blue sapphire enhances one’s personality.

Final thoughts

It is advised to buy the stone from a licensed gem merchant only. An authorized and approved retailer. We at, Navratan, the online gem bazar specialize in genuine, unique, and natural gemstones. We are one of the trusted shops that offer real blue sapphires of excellent quality and dazzling hue.

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