All About Neelam Gemstone

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Blue sapphires, also known as Neelamani, Indraneel, Indraneelam, Neela Pukhraj, etc., are famous in the Eastern world. In Hindi, they are called Neelam. The Corundum mineral family includes the precious blue gemstone known as blue sapphires or the Neelam Gemstone. Vedic astrology claims that this gemstone is the most powerful and that wearing it will bring the wearer fame, fortune, and success.

Real Neelam gemstones are rated according to how pure their blue color is. The most expensive gems are those that are vividly saturated and ultimately blue. Less valuable gemstones have lower saturation levels, too-dark, or too-light tones.

The historical significance of the natural blue sapphire or the Neelam Gemstone

Ancient religious ties with blue sapphires exist that have a proof for the same in history. In several faiths and traditions, both ancient and modern, blue sapphires play a significant role. Real blue sapphires have been employed in astrological forecasting, healing rituals, magic, and alchemy for millennia.

Early priests and scholars thought that these valuable stones, such as the blue sapphires, possessed particular “virtues” that, if correctly harnessed, might be used to benefit man.

Legends of the past era believe that Helen of Troy (c. 12th century B.C.) held an enormous star sapphire that was thought to carry the secret to her attractiveness.

The ancient Persians believed that the Earth rested on a massive blue sapphire mirrored in the heavens. According to Buddhist theory, blue sapphires have a soothing influence on people, making it easier for them to devote themselves to prayer and meditation.

In the Christian religion, blue sapphires are significant symbols of virginity, piety, and remorse. Original Neelam stones represented paradise and the desire of the early Christians for eternal life.


According to tradition, Moses wrote the Ten Commandments on tablets made of blue sapphire so hard that a hammer swinging at them would shatter the hammer.

Benefits of certified blue sapphire or the Neelam Gemstone on its wearer.

●Aids in financial issues

People have a great deal of faith in this gem’s capacity to address the financial, professional, and psychological issues that arise during the taxing period of Shani-Saadesati.

●Helps in career-building

Saturn is renowned for rewarding the person fairly. By wearing an authentic blue sapphire stone, businesspeople or professionals experiencing career stagnation can quickly end the impasse and turn their fortunes around.

●Brings an instant success

The ability to instantly turn around bad luck is one of the blue sapphire gemstone’s most rewarding properties. The weakening Saturn is strengthened by the Neelam Rashi ratan, providing the individual with a multitude of possibilities to accumulate and manage riches.


●Brings fame and name

Whether the wearer is pursuing a creative project or political aspirations, a blue sapphire helps by ensuring that the relevant communities acknowledge his skill and diligent effort, earning him recognition and money.

●Building a strong personality

Saturn is believed to instill discipline in a native’s way of life and make him focused, committed, and forward-thinking in his approach to the job. The advantages attained from the wearer’s advanced work ethic reflect the benefits of the blue sapphire gemstone.

●Builds better health

Wearing the blue sapphire stone helps the wearer by alleviating joint discomfort, gout, and arthritis and maintaining healthy sensory organs. It calms the mind and helps cure people who are confused, anxious, or depressed.

Price of blue sapphire gemstone

The delicate nature of blue sapphire and its potential as a gemstone for jewelry gives it its value. In addition, blue sapphire prices outside of India range from $ 150 per carat to $ 2000, because of its astrological significance.

Prices vary from place to region based on the varying nature of manufacturing, the techniques used to obtain the final product, and everything that occurs between the start of production and the time the end consumer uses the product.

Final thoughts

It’s crucial to buy the certified blue sapphire gemstone from a reputable gemstone retailer. One of the accredited retailers selling the purest, most authentic, and blue sapphire gemstones is Navratan, the online gem bazaar. Our professionals can guide you and help you select the gemstone of your dreams.

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