Once again “Our Fashion Passion” brings you some unique and rare reading experience. This time we want to inform you all about “Lips Augmentation & Lips Filling”. In this blog article, you’ll find all the necessary information including answers to all your questions. Some common questions include; what is the history of “Lips Augmentation & Lips Filling?” Why do women have their lips surgery? Lips Augmentation

Which particular materials and techniques are used in it? Is there any difference between lips augmentation and filling? What are some popular procedures? Are there any non-surgical alternatives? What are its dangers, risks, and side effects? How much does lips implantation cost? And, what are the benefits of lips augmentation? Let’s now find answers to all the possible questions in your mind. Lips Augmentation

History of Lips Augmentation & Lips Filling

Lips filling and augmentation started in the 1900s. Surgeons initially used Paraffin for lip filling but it couldn’t succeed. Later on, Liquid Silicone became famous in the 1960s. This practice also proved unhealthy. In the 1980s bovine collagen was a common cosmetic surgery market. However, in modern days we see the use of some hyaluronic acids including Restylane and Juvederm, etc. Lips Augmentation

Why Women Have Their Lips Surgery?

According to Dr. Fouzia Abbasi, aging women mostly prefer lips surgery for them. Additionally, younger women also like to have surgical lips due to a number of reasons. Cosmetics surgery of Lips has become a trend now where women like to have juicy and thick lips. Similarly, lip surgery can be for lip shape defining, lips asymmetries, reducing fine lines or marks on lips, etc. However, celebrities like Katy Perry, Nicole Kidman, and Courtney Cox have had lips surgeries for tightening their skin. Individuals may have different reasons for lips surgery. Some may even want to have a unique kissing experience with implanted lips.

Lip Filling

Some Particular Materials & Techniques Used in Lips Implantation

Cosmetic surgeons use different materials such as “Autologen, Collagen, Dermalogen, Alloderm, Radiance, and Gore-Tex.” Usually, experts use regular needles for injecting Juvederm inside your lips. Similarly, there are different techniques for lip filling. Some of the common techniques are lips fillers, lips implants, fat grafting, tissue grafting, pumping of lips, etc. However, both materials and techniques may vary as per your choice and suggestions given by the expert doctor.


Lip Filling

Difference Between Lips Augmentation & Lips Filling

There is a quite significant difference between lips augmentation and lip filling. Lips augmentation always requires surgery. It is very costly as compared to lip filling. Lips augmentation is a permanent solution for your lips that lasts for a very long time. However, due to surgery lips augmentation is a very invasive procedure. Whereas, the lips filling process doesn’t require surgery. It is actually a process of plumping or injecting your lips. Most women inject Juvederm inside their lips. This process is short and less costly as compared to lips augmentation. Lips Augmentation

 Popular Procedures for Lips Implantation

Since 2000, there are three main and popular procedures that are on-trend among women. These three trends include “Transfer of Fat, Restylane, and Artecoll.” In the first popular procedure, cosmetic surgeons surgically apply the harvested liposuction or excision. In the process of Restylane, experts use hyaluronic acid as well as Juvederm. While in the process of Artecoll, surgeons use polymethylmethacrylate commonly known as PMMA.

Implanted Lips
Before and after lips filler injections.

Effective but Non-surgical Alternatives

One of the very common and effective non-surgical alternatives for lip implanting are Lip Plumbers and Suction Pumps. Basically, a lip plumber is a cosmetic product that appears your lips fuller. Most celebrities use this technique. It is a temporary technique though and may cause swelling. Similarly, a suction pump is a particular device or a tool that works like a vacuum pump. When you use it on your lips it increases the flow of blood inside your lips. It gives thickness to your lips. However, this technique is also a temporary technique as it lasts for a very short time. Lips Augmentation


Dangers, Risks, & Side Effects of Lips Implantation

There are different things that may cause certain dangers, risks, and side effects related to lips implantation. The overfilling and improper injecting can cause swelling, itching, bleeding, bruising, and even severe infections. Similarly, cosmetic surgeries may cause some serious wounds and problems if not taken care of properly. Sometimes it can be a worse experience for diabetic and hypertension patients. Therefore always consult the expert and follow the recommendations strictly and properly in this regard. Lips Augmentation

Cost of Lips Augmentation & Lips Filling

The cost of lips augmentation and lips filling varies. Lips augmentation normally costs up to $1000k. It may vary due to certain specifications as well. However, lip filling is comparatively cheap. It costs around $500 to $2000. Prices may vary depending upon the quality of material you prefer.  Additionally, prices may vary from country to country as well as the quality of services provided. Normally expert and senior cosmetic surgeons charge high in certain countries. Lips Augmentation

Benefits of Lips Implantation

The most common benefit is of course the symmetrical look of your look. You get the proper appearance of your lips. Secondly, celebrities avoid aging look through lips implantation. Thirdly, one can get a permanent solution from any wrinkles, scar marks, or dot spots on their lips. Lips filling and lips implantation give your lips a plummy and thick look. Most women like to have thick lips. They enjoy kissing with plummy lips and have more sexual experience and lust. Lips Augmentation



As of 2021, figures around 2.6 million women get their lips filled. Similarly, around 1 million women prefer cosmetic surgery on their lips on annual basis. The trend and fashion of lips implantation is increasing day by day. Research shows that around 67% of women work in the porn industry like lip filling and augmentation. However, it has some complications and side effects. Research suggests that it is better and safe to consult expert cosmetic surgeons on regular basis. By doing this one can prevent any possible hazards and dangers. On the other hand, lip-filling women must prefer quality products and avoid overfilling their lips.

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