Akothee Wedding Outfits, Fashion Inspirations and Pics 2023

Akothee wedding pics and outfit
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Akothee is one of the most celebrated singers in Kenya. She is famous for her controversial statements, drama, and a lot of active energy that has made her survive in the music industry. Through the years, she has managed to amass plenty of wealth from singing and from running her lucrative businesses. Well-known to many, Akothee is a Kenyan singer, songwriter as well as a businesswoman. She is known for her unique sense of style and has millions of followers on her social media accounts. Today, I would like us to major in Akothee fashion. What does she wear? Here are some of the fashion inspirations we can draw from her:

1. Expensive taste in fashion: Akothee

Not once nor twice, Akothee has been recorded claiming that she does not source her fashion from Kenya. She is a great lover of shopping in Italy, France and other fashion centers. She has very expensive taste in a fashion which includes buying her innerwear from Italy.

2. High heels:

She is even more stable when walking in high heels than the normal shoes. She loves wearing high heels and loves wearing them in bright colors and bold patterns.

Akothee wedding pics and outfit

3. Boydon dresses: Akothee

There is no doubt to the fact that Akothee loves to wear bodycon dresses that reveal her curves. She loves pairing dresses with high heels and statement jewelry for that chic and sophisticated look.

4. Statement sunglasses:

Akothee is a big fan of statement sunglasses. She loves them oversized and in bold colors to complete her outfits.

5. African prints:

Being a Kenyan, your guess is right. Akothee has very many African prints inspired clothes in her closet. She often wears traditional African prints for cultural and stylish looks.

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6. Fur coats:

She loves luxurious and stylish additions to her outfits. Akothee often wears fur coats and they give her that glamorous and sophisticated look.

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7. Blazers: Akothee

They are a timeless addition to any type of wardrobe. Blazers instantly elevate your outfit and make it more polished.

Akothee wedding 2023:

Akothee wedding in Kenya was on the 10th of April 2023. She is now  married to a man nicknamed Omosh and the two looked happy together:

Akothee Wedding pics

Akothee Wedding Outfits:

African colors seem to have dominated the day at Akothes wedding as she had earlier canceled the color red. The wedding is said to be one of the biggest in South Africa, with yet another one coming in July.

Akothee wedding gown price:

The dress is very expensive and is said to be imported from Italy. The gown is said to have cost her 700,000 Kenyan shillings.


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