Agbani Darego’s Fashion Evolution…

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Hello Fashionistas of this world and beyond, how are y’all doing? I’ve decided to write a little something on the beauty queen, who is also like a role model to me even though she’s a model, (Lol, get it? Because she’s a model? no? okay.) So, this article or post is dedicated to “@Luna Stella”, one of my wonderful readers (shout out to you Stella, I appreciate you.

Anyways;  Agbani Darego is a 39-year-old Model and beauty queen, who was the first Nigerian, and African Black woman, to win the Miss World 2001 beauty pageant. Sweet right? I’ve got just one confession to make: Honestly, searching for who and what this beauty queen wore, is a big hassle, so forgive me, if I just give a taste of the dresses. 

Agbani Darego's Fashion 1

The beautiful model and one of my many role models started out her modeling career in 2001 when she won the title of the Most beautiful girl in Nigeria. During that same year, just a few months later, she entered the contest for Miss universe 2001, where she was chosen amongst the top 10. Still that same year, another few months later, in November 2001, Miss or Mrs. now, Agbani Darego, went on to be the first African black woman to win the title of Miss World.

Now, all these happened in a span of one year and honestly, I’m stumped at how diligent she was when it came to her modeling career. Since then, she has gone on to make her own history and pathways, by being a model for various Fashion Designers all over the world, such as Avon, Christian Dior, Sephora, Target(many people’s favs), and Macy’s. Here are some of Agbani Darego’s fashion evolution.


Agbani Darego's fahsion as miss world

Sporting a light green, low V-neck, ankle-length gown, the beauty queen dazzled the audience and judges as she came up as the winner of the Miss World beauty pageant.


Agbani Darego's fashion as model

The former beauty queen, dressed to impress at the Miss World beauty pageant in 2014, wearing a gorgeous floor-length, purple gown by Nigerian Fashion designer, Meena.

Agbani Darego as bride

The beautiful model brought out innocence and beauty as she walked down the runway at the Lagos fashion design week in 2017, wearing Andrea Iyamah Wedding dress.



The former beauty queen, model, and now turned Fashionprenuer (just found out it’s actually a word in the fashion industry! OMG, lol) opened and launched her Denim clothing line tagged ‘AD by Agbani Darego’ in April 2013. The clothes are to die for, so, to any of my wonderful readers that are being body shamed for being slim, just want to let you know, that, you’re a queen (wink).

Not sure of what to wear to work or school, or anywhere for that matter? then take a dive into the new clothing line launched by Agbani Darego in March 2018. Her new line works to give women full-on-wear outfits that are suitable for many different outings and events.


Honestly, this woman is more than a beauty queen or model and I’m sure that’s what her husband saw in her before popping the question (wink). The Fashionprenuer, model, and beauty queen rocked her own low-key wedding wearing a simply elegant and delicately sewn wedding gown that streamed mildly along her body. A long veil harmonized with a backless dress pattern so well, and, importantly, an accurately performed hair-dress made everything even more perfect! 

Alright, guys, I think I’ve ranted enough, right? Now, I hope you guys continue to read and like the blog post as much as you read my books (wink, pretty please). Don’t worry, we still have a few more articles on Nigerian Ethnicity, so, make sure you stay tuned. 

Later Fashionistas… 

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By Oluwatoyosi

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