Afternoon Tea Outfit Ideas

Sometimes what we need is a break. From all the crazy workloads, the stress in life, problems here and there, and everything that we might experience. What we need is a break from the real world. Just take a pause and take yourself on a date. Have some Tea for yourself and just forget the reality of life for a little while. Enjoy the moment being alone or surrounded by loved ones. Eat all the pastries you want and have a good laugh with corny jokes as you enjoy your afternoon tea. Live in the moment and heal yourself from being burned out in life. 

With that, I am going to help you with what you should wear for your Afternoon Tea. You might like these outfits and try them for yourself. 


Afternoon Tea Outfit Idea: Long Dress Style 

Afternoon Tea Outfit Idea: Long Dress Style 

Long Dress is perfect for afternoon tea. This reminds me of all the Classic Movies I watched wherein a woman from the 1930s to ’60s wore a long dress with a big hat. It’s very classic and it gives me a royal vibe.

Since we are now living in the modern world. Let’s take it down a bit but still stylish and playful when it comes to dressing. With a Long Dress, you can enjoy your afternoon tea. Pick up that dress that makes you feel special and beautiful. In other words, a dress that makes you feel like a Queen. Choose the perfect color and style and don’t forget to fix your hair and makeup. It doesn’t matter if you wear heels or flat sandals. It would be better if your dress will touch the ground for more class. Of course, have a great afternoon tea in the garden and breathe some fresh air.


Afternoon Tea Outfit Idea: Parisian Style


Afternoon Tea Outfit Idea: Parisian Style

When you’re tired of your basic fashion style, One way to doll up yourself for an afternoon tea is by dressing up like you’re in Paris! Imagine yourself drinking your tea in the near park of Eiffel tower savoring your macarons or croissants perhaps. 

By just wearing a dress or maybe a sweater paired with a mini skirt and a boot with a French hat you can have that Parisian style on an afternoon tea. 


Afternoon Tea Outfit Idea: Wear WHATEVER, DO WHATEVER!

Afternoon Tea Outfit Idea: Wear WHATEVER, DO WHATEVER!

Wearing whatever means, allowing yourself to be more creative and open when it comes to dressing up, and enhancing yourself about what fashion and style mean. This is one way of letting yourself be free from all the toxic things that happening around you. That is why a break is important once in a while. Do whatever you want to do. Finish that unfinished business of yours and don’t forget to enjoy life. Enjoy your afternoon tea wearing the comfiest outfit you have. It doesn’t matter if it’s Pajama or lingerie. What matters most is your living a healthy mind and strong body. 


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