A Style Guide for The 10 Best Casual Trousers Outfits for Women

casual trousers outfits sporty
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Women’s fashion is changing all the time. Nobody can deny it! Every season and every collection – from the high-end brands to the most accessible ones – brings new trends and new ideas on how to wear the most classical pieces of clothing, like casual trousers outfits! But even the most classical piece can be a part of a daring avant-garde outfit!

Women’s trousers come in so many types that we would need an encyclopaedia-sized book, just to mention them all! Chinos, Khakis, Cargos for women, Capris, Jeans, Shorts, Pencil trousers, Culottes, Joggers, Tights, Sweatpants, Pleated trousers, wide Leg and Flare-y trousers…and we are surely leaving out lots, lots more. If we were to include the different fabrics, cuts and fits we would need a second volume of the aforementioned encyclopaedia-style edition!

If you wish to create a comfortable, clean-cut, elegant look, Casual Trousers for Women are the perfect choice! So, let’s see what women’s trousers are in fashion right now and how to wear them!

10 Casual Trousers Outfits for Women

1. Be Casual

Casual for Women (and not only) is like saying Chinos or Khakis! So, grab a pair and create your favourite version of Casual. A white, cotton shirt, a denim jacket and a pair of All-Stars or vintage Adidas and tell us: can it get any Casual-er?

2. Be Smart Casual

casual trousers outfits be smart

The distance from the Casual to the Smart Casual is way too easy to cover! Wear a pair of beautiful black slim-fit Chinos, a formal shirt and a vest! Put on your trench coat, a pair of elegant boots and you are as smart as the highest IQ score! You could also opt for derbies, a pair of elegant ballerinas or even a pair of chic sneakers if you can get away with it!

3. Be Sporty Casual

casual trousers outfits sporty

Nothing sportier or more comfortable than a hoodie or a sweater. If it is not very cold, just wear a long-sleeve t-shirt or the first slim-fit top you will find in your drawers! Victorias, a pair of Modelo 89 vegan lima Sayes or a pair of New Balance, and you can visit either your local market or walk and check out your favourite’s artist last show!

4. Be Comfortably Casual

casual trousers outfits comfortable

To say comfortable and casual in the same sentence is an exaggeration! If it is not comfortable, it is not casual. But with no exaggeration’s life would be – to put it plainly – just boring. So, let’s see if we can render casual even more comfortable. A pair of elastic trousers, an open untucked oversized shirt, a top of any colour size and a pair of vintage Reeboks or any type of Dr. Martens-type comfortable boots. If you find anything more comfortable please let us know!


5. Be Workwear Casual

casual trousers outfits workwear

Every workspace has its rules and every profession dictates the looks you can opt for! But whatever the case might be, a Women’s Smart Trouser is an all-around choice that will fit effortlessly to most working environments. If you work outdoors you either need cool, easy-to-wear lightweight shirts and t-shirts or warm heavy-duty workwear. If you work indoors opt for whatever makes you feel aligned with your surroundings. An elegant, all white jacket, a tucked white shirt and some golden jewellery is always a safe choice!

Be it indoors or outdoors, with jewellery or without, be the princess (or the queen) of your world! You should aim for nothing less.

6. Be the most chic you can be Casual

casual trousers outfits chic

The fact that you have a pair of Casual trousers on, doesn’t mean you can’t dress them up enough to attend the most formal event of the year. Start with a black or white pair, add a formal strictly-tailored shirt, a slim fit suit vest and your high hills. Make an impressive ponytail or if you have short hair opt for the coolest 50’s wet look and don’t forget(!) some lipstick and black mascara if make-up is your thing. Your leather envelope bag, your brightest mood and you will be the guest star of every event.

If you are the bold type, we even suggest a shaved head (Demi Moore style) and a set of African-influenced huge earrings & necklaces!

7. Be flexible Casual

casual trousers outfits flexable

All days are long but some seem longer than others. To waste time is not an option. You need outfits that can accompany you wherever you go with no exceptions. Pair your casual trousers with a crew neck sweater, an oversized over-shirt or a chore jacket. A sleeveless puffer jacket is a very practical solution for springtime, and a long and wide blue, big-buttoned coat, an excellent one for the colder winter days. Choose your shoes wisely if you wish your outfit be smarter or more casual (although a pair of slick white sneakers will take you a long way)

8. Be a Summer Casual

casual trousers outfits summer

Summer has two syllables and two garments; lightweight trousers or shorts. Wear whatever you prefer between the two and then check the thermometer and depending on what Mr. Celsius has to say, continue with the rest of your look. An untucked shirt worn the French way, a sailor tee with sky-blue stripes, a 60’s short tank top or you can even choose a lightweight co-ord that will include, apart from the top and bottom, a wonderful big hat! The finishing touch? A pair of Sophia Lauren’s big sunglasses!

This is a tutorial about a beaded necklace which is very delicate with beautiful colorful column shaped.Let's have a try!

9. Be Trip and Hip Casual

casual trousers outfits hip trip

It is one of the main characteristics of our times! Traveling! From one city to another, from one village to the next one, from Europe to Antarctica and from Australia to Africa! You have to be able to move with total liberty towards all directions and you don’t need to carry many items to travel around the globe. Two pairs of trousers! A pair of Chinos and a pair of Cargos. A sweatshirt, a sweater, some t-shirts, a denim shirt, socks (of all heights and colours), two pair of shoes (boots and a pair of all-around sneakers) and an elegant heavy coat. Don’t forget your bucket hat and your favourite sunglasses!

From your door to the airport and from there to the next port to get to your wonderful and final destination! Happiness!

10. Be Ivy League Casual

casual trousers outfits

The Ivy League Style; is a style in its own right that became famous with the help of college boys, jazz musicians and Japanese people! It was considered to be a male style but today we see no genders and spot no differences! Do you?

For this, don’t hesitate to adopt this unique style and make it feminine your way, change it and pass it on to the rest of us!

The must-haves to begin structuring your personal Ivy style? A varsity or leather jacket, tweed or herringbone coats, blue shirt or grey hoodie, a pair of classic sneakers, an elegant hat or beanie and of course…Chinos or Khakis!


These days, one thing has to be present in every action; social, industrial, financial and personal: Sustainability! The best outfits and best looks are the chicest and most useful not because they make us look good, but because they help everything and everybody live a better life!

Many brands, like Patagonia, Levi’s, Veja, Everybody. World or Dockers® prove every single day that research and development are essential if we want to use our clothes on a healthy planet! Fortunately, the Fashion Industry has decided to make a turn toward eco-friendly methods of production, packaging and delivery. Our habits finally change and hopefully, we will be able to bring the ship back to its right course. Well-dressed and stylish of course; that goes without saying!

For most women (as for most people) clothes are something more than an outfit; something that we wear. It is another way to use our imagination and showcase our entire aesthetic gamut. As trousers are such a basic and important part of our clothing, it is only logical to pay attention to them and buy the best pairs we can; Smart, Intelligent, Sporty, Office or just Casual!

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