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Glamour style is a combination of many inputs that are combined together season by season and trend by trend and come out of the fashion shows, creating the system of glamor context.

You have a Glamour style when you have different concepts, and different points of view that work together. Either for day or night or for events, whatever you want but connected together for a perfectly balanced image of accessories, shapes, length and materials. All the technical things give you the perfect vision of a glamour outfit.


If you have a glamorous style, you will be able to tell. Not only because of the emotion you elicit when you enter a room, but also because you are likely to acknowledge you are “high maintenance” when it comes to your fashion and beauty routine. Here is a tip (plans) to elevate your glamour style look.

Wear Accessories

You’re likely to have an extensive collection of handbags, statement jewelry, sunglasses, hats and scarves, and make sure that they’re not kept for special events. Wear one or two statement piece to elevate your look.



Wear Colorful Print Clothes

Instead of gathering common sense colors like black, white add a bit of animal print, bold floral and jewel tone colors like emerald green color, Sapphire Blue, Amethyst Purple you choose from.


Add Texture To Your Look

Including sequins, lace, leather, cashmere, shaggy and faux fur to your closet. Wear lace dresses, a sequin skirt with white t-shirt or leather pants with t-shirt whatever makes you look stylish and comfortable.


Shoes To Elevate Your Glamour Look

Choose from a mix of heels or flats adding a different type sole or print or shinny piece to elevate your style.

shoe to wear


 You should be the woman who has a personal style and who is not afraid to wear your favorite pieces.

” when you invest deeply in pieces that you love and will love season after season, these items become yours. And when you wear these items over and over again—your mother’s heirloom necklace, your old Chanel jacket, your favorite black dress—they become a part of you. They show the world that you know who you are. You are an original. Start dressing like one”. 

                                             Nina Garcia.

Created By: Gelila Shita

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