A Guide to Men’s Wedding Shoes – Winter edition

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A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and as important for the groom as it is for the bride. Therefore, both need to uphold the classiness needed to mark this special occasion. Men, this means you too need to put your best foot forward and dress up as well as you can.

Men’s wedding outfits are quite tricky to put together; throw in a hint of freezing temperature and sudden hail and it gets even trickier. You’d want to look sharp and handsome, of course, but you’d also not want to shiver throughout the entire event. Yes, winter weddings are all fun and games, but you do want to dress appropriately as per the climate. That means picking the right combination of heavy weave suits like houndstooth, tapered woolen overcoats, and of course, men’s wedding shoes for winter.

Now, most men seem to get the former part of the equation (the outfit) right, but when it comes to deciding on footwear, they seem to be slightly confused. If that’s the case with you too, you don’t need to worry. Here are some of our favorite men’s wedding shoes (especially for grooms) that will make you look suave and keep your feet warm throughout chilly winter weddings.

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What qualities do men’s wedding shoes have?

The most telling component of men’s fashion is footwear. They represent so much more than the style choice. In fact, they exhibit your values, interests, and lifestyle to a large extent. Therefore, good quality men’s wedding shoes should send a subtle message to the guests about what a groom is trying to communicate.

While looking for a perfect pair of groom’s shoes, one must always consider their personality and accordingly make the purchase. Moreover, you shouldn’t sacrifice comfort since you’ll be spending quite a lot of time on your feet, hopefully attending to guests and dancing the night away.

What are the different varieties of men’s wedding shoes available in the market?

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Loafers are usually reserved for more casual and daywear kinds of styles, but they are hot sellers in the men’s footwear industry. Super easy to put on and a great pair of men’s comfortable shoes, loafers are an evergreen choice that promises ultimate style and comfort. Patent leathers or penny loafers for men would go extremely well with any wedding outfit as they provide a clean and subtle formal silhouette.

Penny loafers

The penny loafer, arguably also known as America’s shoe, is the number one go-to shoe for men. It looks amazing with casual as well as formal outfits.

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The Stewart version of penny loafers looks great with nearly every clothing item a man owns, be it jeans, shorts, or even a tuxedo. Such shoes are among the best wedding shoes for men if you’re planning a winter wedding – they are trendy, comfortable, and super stylish.

Oxford shoes

An Oxford belongs to every man’s closet! These shoes are without a doubt the most versatile footwear a man can ever own. They can be worn to work, office, and dinners and look seamlessly appealing with every attire. Specifically, the wingtip oxford shoes for men are a type of shoe that can elevate your look within seconds. It consists of subtle double-blind stitching across the cap and the vamp of the shoe, which is an appropriate look for the high-end and classic tuxedo suit.

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This style of footwear can be an appropriate choice for a traditional church or temple wedding.

Monk strap

Shoes with humble origins centered around practicality and comfort, the monk straps shoes for men have certainly evolved under the category that screams sophistication. These are among the most versatile dress shoes a gentleman must own.

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Both of their varieties, be they single or double strapped, go well with formal outfits and make you stand out from the crowd. And that is exactly what most men look forward to on their big day.

Patent Leather Style Shoe

The oldie but goldie, patent leather wedding shoes are definitely a show-stopper footwear, an extremely stylish and dazzling pair of beauties that look great when teamed up with a formal tuxedo. Patent leather is known for its high shine and glossy effect, which is purposely applied to the shoes in order to protect them from dust.

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These can be your best option if you’re looking for a wedding shoe that is formal yet classy, but be considerate of your budget before investing in these shoes, as patent leather can cost you a big chunk of your money.

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Dressy/ Lace-up Boots

Dress boots are the most comfortable pair of footwear. They give you great support and comfort for the days when you have to stand for a long time or dance with a partner. They might look very similar to other dressy shoes like oxfords, but actually, they are quite different. Men’s Leather Dress Boots consist of a longer entryway for the foot, which is why they often brogue on the toe and along the seams.

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So, if you’re planning to show off your socks or opt for a more dressy look for your wedding, these are the right pair for you.

Men’s wedding shoes style guide

For gray suits

Colors to go with: Black/Brown/Burgundy

A dark or light gray suit screams casual and neutral, which makes it a very easy color to work with. Still, a great choice will be going for a classic and stylish black wedding day shoe. This combination will add a ton of style and increase your fashion quotient.


For navy blue suits

Colors to go with: Black/Brown/Burgundy

If you’re planning on wearing a navy blue suit for your big day, the ball is definitely in your court. There is literally no chance for you to go wrong with this color. The only reason behind this is that blue is a neutral color and blends well with all the other colors in the spectrum.

Classic black wedding shoes will look great with a tailored navy blue suit if your dress code is more on the formal side, but if you’re going for a more light-hearted look, brown or burgundy wedding shoes would look great. They will add a hint of color to your outfit and draw all eyes naturally towards your feet.

For black suits and tuxedos

Colors to go with: Black

When you pick a classic old-school black suit or tuxedo there is only one way to go with the footwear – classic black wedding shoes! No other color suits best with the traditional black tuxedo, premium quality black leather shoes would look great with a well-fitted black suit. The whole look will make you stand out from the crowd and add a lot of class to your entire look.

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The overall process of choosing the right pair of men’s wedding shoes for the big day may seem simple and breezy, but there are quite a bunch of aspects one should consider before making a purchase. Suppose you make a mistake or pick the wrong shoe, not only will you be left with a costly pair of footwear that doesn’t look right, but you’ll also not be able to style them correctly. Meaning, that your anticipated wedding look might go down the drain!

Therefore, when it comes to picking men’s wedding shoes for winter weddings, make sure you conduct sufficient market research before making a big purchase. With the right choice, you’ll be able to make your wedding a memorable event in the most eye-grabbing way possible.

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