A Guide To Buy Spinel Earrings

Spinel earrings
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Spinel earrings can give a huge bang for your buck because they are a successful combination of beauty and durability. The excellent value that spinel offers is the prime reason why they are greatly desired by women of all ages. Therefore, it’s about time you invested in earrings fashioned with spinels.

This article will help you get the best out of your purchase by enlightening you about not only the crux of buying spinel earrings but also caring for them. Because the most vital characteristic of any pair of gemstone earrings is its centerstone, let’s take the plunge by learning about choosing a spinel Centerstone for your earrings.

What are Spinel Earrings?

Spinel is a rare and beautiful gem, but one as regards your spinel earrings can be a little dramatic if you fall in the category of the uninitiated. In that sense, I suggest we understand the quality and grading factors of spinel – first things first.

Spinel earrings

Spinel earrings


Though spinel can be found in a wide variety of colors – green, brown and blue, to name a few – red is the most coveted color variety of spinel. You can pick red spinel earrings if you need a bold pair. However, there are other color varieties as well to satiate your thirst for minimalist jewelry. Do keep in mind that the prices of red, pink and blue spinels rise sharply with an increase in their carat weight. Because spinel earrings look best in all the color varieties of spinel, you get the flexibility of choosing the spinel centerstone in your favorite color.


Spinel is one such gemstone that can have some fascinating inclusions. The visibility of these inclusions plays a crucial part in determining the value of these stones. For instance, spinels with inclusions visible to the eye are less valuable compared to stones with inclusions that can’t be seen through the eye. So, you might want to choose your spinel earrings accordingly.

Cut & Carat Weight

You should choose the cut and carat weight of your spinel earrings based on your preference, liking and budget. While spinel is cut in a variety of shapes, cushion and oval shapes are the most popular ones. However, you can choose the cut as per your lifestyle. Similarly, what’s ideal is to choose the carat weight of your spinel earrings on the basis of your budget. The idea is to get a jewelry piece that stands out without hurting your budget. So, adhering to it should be your goal.

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The next is deciding on the type of spinel earrings. There are so many different types of earrings that can fulfill your style goals. Let’s talk about the top three of them, and then you can decide which one goes with your style.

Spinel stud earrings

Spinel stud earrings

Stud Earrings

The first on our list had to be stud earrings because of their popularity. Stud earrings sit on the earlobe and don’t hang from it. You can choose this style for your spinel earrings if you’re the kind of person who likes to keep her jewelry poised. This is probably the first choice for women who have never worn a pair of earrings earlier.

Spinel earrings hanging

Spinel dangle earrings

Dangle Earrings

Contrary to studs, dangle earrings hang from your ears and sway a lot. A pair of dangle earrings typically features a long, elaborated design with the Centerstone at the bottom. This type of design will also be great for your spinel earrings.

Spinel chandelier earrings

Spinel chandelier earrings

Chandelier Earrings

As their name suggests, chandelier earrings look like a chandelier, hanging back and forth from your earlobe. Chandelier earrings best suit those who want something fancy for their jewelry. If you like wearing fancy jewelry pieces then this type of design will best suit your spinel earrings.

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So, these were three of the most popular types of earrings. Now, let’s move on to the cleaning and caring part for your earrings.

Care & Cleaning

Spinel is one of the sturdiest gemstones of them all. It scores 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, meaning that the gemstone can easily withstand the wear and tear of average everyday life. Such a good score on the Mohs scale of hardness implies that you can wear your spinel earrings every day. However, due to daily wear, even a low-contact jewelry piece like an earring can accumulate dust. Therefore, you should clean your earrings every now and then. You can clean your spinel jewelry piece using warm water, detergent, and a soft brush. It’s always good to clean your spinel earrings with warm soapy water.

The Bottom Line

Choosing a pair of earrings can be a daunting experience if you don’t know about their technicalities. Now that you’ve understood the technicalities related to your spinel earrings, it’s about time you started fashioning the pair of your dreams. When getting yourself a jewelry piece, always remember to fashion it in a metal that suits your skin and skin tone. So, now that you know it all, what are you waiting for?

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