A Guide on How to Dress Well in Black

How to dress well in black

A Guide on How to Dress Well in Black

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In the fashion world, nothing is more versatile than black. It’s the universal hue that can be mixed and matched with practically any other color to create a new look. Black outfits are also perfect for creating slimming effects on anyone who wears them. For men, this means that there’s no better clothing color for displaying your sartorial acumen than black. In this blog post, we will go over some of the best ways to dress well in black from head to toe. Black is notoriously unforgiving as it hides stains and blemishes easily, which makes these tips all the more important to follow if you want your black outfit to have that “fresh out of the tailor’s shop” feel.

Black shoes: The foundation of any well-dressed man

First things first: the shoes. Stylish footwear is the first thing people notice about your outfit. After all, shoes are literally attached to your body. If you’re wearing black shoes, your ensemble will instantly look more refined. When it comes to black shoes, you have a wide range of options. Oxfords are great for business casual scenarios. Derbies are best for semi-formal affairs. And Chelsea boots are perfect for casual wear. Experiment with different styles and match them to your black outfits to find the best pair for your lifestyle. One thing to note is that shiny black shoes are often associated with cheap business suits. So if you want to avoid looking like an impersonator, you should stick to matte black oxfords.

Black pants: Go for a slim fit

As we mentioned in the introduction, black garments are slimming. Slim black pants such as a pair of slacks or cigarette pants will emphasize your legs and make your silhouette look manlier compared to looser fits. When choosing slim black pants, make sure that every single detail is tailored to your exact measurements. This includes the rise (the distance between the crotch and the waistband), the hem length, and the crotch length. If you’re wearing a black suit, make sure that the pant length is appropriate for the style. A standard business suit is best with a pant length hitting between the top of the shoe and the ankle.

Black coat or jacket: Find one that fits you well

If you’re wearing a black suit, you’ll probably want to wear a black blazer or overcoat as well. In this case, you’re looking to find something that is a little more tailored and formal than a sports coat but less formal than a suit jacket. Opt for black fabrics like wool or cashmere to stay warm in colder weather. Black blazers and overcoats can be worn with almost any combination of pants and shirts when you’re dressing for the office. However, like black pants, these garments should be tailored to fit you perfectly. One of the biggest sartorial mistakes that men make is wearing garments that are too baggy. Baggy clothes make you look like you’re drowning in fabric and have no shape whatsoever.

Dark-colored shirts: Stay away from white

Now that you’ve got the other pieces of your black outfit taken care of, it’s time to focus on the most important part: the shirt. Although you can wear almost any color under a black blazer or overcoat, you have to be careful when pairing a black suit with a white shirt. If you don’t pay attention to the fit, you’ll end up looking like a 1980s-style Wall Street banker. To avoid this, wear a blue or grey shirt with a black suit. These colors are subtle enough to blend in with the black fabric but bright enough to draw attention to your face. Alternatively, you can wear a salmon pink or magenta shirt under your black suit. These vibrant colors will draw attention to your upper torso and waist area and make your figure look slimmer.


To dress well in black doesn’t have to be a challenge. By choosing the right pieces and making sure to find garments that are tailored to your measurements, you can create a killer look any time you want. When in doubt, a black tuxedo is a black item you should have in your wardrobe. A tuxedo can be worn on almost any formal occasion and is generally considered to be a gentlemanly item of clothing. When you’re wearing a tuxedo, you should be confident that you’re looking as good as you possibly can.


By Rida Khan

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